Sunday, June 05, 2005

Timid conservatives

Why is it that all that conservative parties can offer us is a pathetic bunch of socialist inspired policies? The Canadian and British conservatives are at best centre left, the National Party in New Zealand is slightly better and New Zealand First is a decent right wing party. The Australian Liberals and the American Republicans are the only mainstream conservative(or is that liberal?) parties that seem to be going in the right direction. John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, is my hero, he has been the only western leader to have lowered the amount of GNP taken in tax over the past decade, THE ONLY ONE!! Every other western counrty has seen its tax as a portion of GNP rise over the past decade, even the US!!
The limp wristed Tories in Britain have just lost an election by a landslide, why? They said they would like to cut tax by maybe 4 billion pounds(8 billion dollars US 10 billion AUS, 12 billion NZ) Thats out of 500 billion spent every year, how patheic is that!!! No wonder they lost.
John Howard has also been hard line on immigration, sending out war ships to stop ships full of savages from landing in that fair land of Australia. If savages do get in to Australia, they are stuck in internment camps in the middle of the Australian desert!! how good is that? And even if after all that they are allowed in the are denied any benifit for 5 years. Thats how it should be done! Is it any wonder that Howard has won 4 elections on the trot, go Johny baby!
Bush is another hero of mine, although he is too big a spender for me and he seems unwilling to stop immigration into the US. But at least he has kicked Saddam out and bombed the Taliban to dust, if only he was to invade Iran and Syria I would declare my undying love for him, but that bastard Chirac stuck his socialist ore in and encouraged that band of frothing communists who call themselves the anti war alliance to cause trouble, preventing more war in the immediate future.
I will post later on on those frothing communists 'the Anti War Alliance', its too big to go into at the moment.
Chirac, the French President is supposed to be a conservative? Well I suppose he is if you mean 'conserve', he has done just that, conserved France's socialist economics, childish anti Americanism and bizzarre pro Europeanism.
Then again European conservatives are communists in all but name, dont even start me on European socialists, they dont even bother to pretend they are not socialists, unlike the lefties in the anglo saxon world who have to call themselves 'Liberal' or 'Labour' or 'Democrat', the European lefties call themselves 'Socialist Party', or 'Communist Party' or 'Trotskyistes' or 'Anarchists', and Europeans vote for them!!!
Anyway, back to conservative parties, the sucsessful conservative parties such as those in the US and Australia are bold, decisive and brave, they have taken the fight to the socialists in their countries and won handsomely, this is what the Tories in Britain and Canada need to do, have some balls and you might win!!

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