Saturday, December 17, 2005

Australians Fight Back

We have seen something extra-ordinary over the past few days in Sydney!

Aussies are fighting back!

Two weeks ago some 'wogs'(thats foreigners to you and me, preferably dark foreigners!) lynched some White Aussie life guards on a Sydney beach, for no apparent reason. Attacks on Aussies by 'wogs' has become increasingly common, the 'wogs' are primarily Lebanese of the 'religion of Peace and Tolerance', thats Islam you you and me!

Last Sunday a crowd of 4000 White Aussies were on a Sydney beach having a barbie, having had a few too many tinnies, they decided to go lynch some 'wogs', a mini riot began and the 'wogs' were chased out of town!

Now dont get me wrong, I do understand that some of these White Aussies were yobs, drunken idiots, childish 'Neo-Nazis' etc... however some of the crowd were rightly pissed off at the wogs, and what they see to be this never ending stream of abuse from these savages, who were kindly given the right to enter and settle in Australia when Lebanon was being torn to pieces by the Lebanese.

It now seems that these savages want Aussies to conform to the 'religion of Peace and Tolerance', It is not uncommon to hear of White Aussie women being gang raped by wogs, if they dont gang rape them, they spit on them, nice eh? Wogs are also, inevitably the main source of criminals in Sydney, big suprise eh?

They are also poor, under educated, bitter, ghettoised, marginalised etc, etc...

What is wrong with minorities, eh, they should get up off there arses and work!!!

Anyway, being the main source of trouble within Sydney and other big Aussie cities, it was not long before people began to notice this. It has taken years, but now White Aussies are angry and have now taken this out on people of Arab appearance!

The wogs have retaliated by burning down churches and attacking Whites, Chinese and Tongans as well as Christian Lebanese who for their own historical reasons hate Muslims!

In France, when the Muslims rioted, the French did nothing, in England when the Muslims rioted and later detonated themselves on public transport, the English did nothing.

In Australia when some Muslim youths attacked some life guards, the Aussies fought back! Imagine what they would have done if some bombs had killed 56 people, or if the Muslims had rioted for a fort night?

This is one of the many reasons why I love Australia, they take shit from no-one. This episode proves that whilst Europe is dying, Australia is alive and well, it has vitality and some pride in itself, two things Europe lacks!

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