Saturday, December 17, 2005


Its a terrible thing torture!

Or is it?

For most my life I've been opposed to torture, not really to protect scum who get tortured, but to protect the torturers from becoming sick and twisted.

However now that we have to deal with phychotic Muslims, I think I am rethinking my stance!

As we all know the Americans with their allies have been sending terrorists on round the world trips to get tortured, they call it extra-ordinary rendition, what ever that means. It is quite a handy way of gaining information from these sickos without having to do the torture, we can let third world savages treat other third world savages, the way they always treat them! Briliant!

I am still firmly against torture of westerners, as my Bill of Rights 2005 makes plain, however third world savages do not deserve and should not be eligible to out rights!

I am also against westerners doing the torture, as this I beleive would de-civilise the torturer. The current American policy is a sound one, we get the Egyptians, Slovakians, Morrocans et al to do our torture, we just fly them in and sit and smoke a fag whilst this is being done! Job done we fly them back, and begin our questioning, and we let the possibility of more extra-ordinary rendition flights to Eastern Europe and the Middle East hang in the air as a motivation for the savage to cough up his info!!

Lefties as you no doubt surmise are hysterical about this, ah well let them get caught up in a suicide bombing and see if they change their attitude!!

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