Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Bill of Rights

Bellow is my suggestion for a new and improved Bill of Rights!!

It is intended for English speaking nations (excluding the US which has a perfectly good one)

It is inspired, no doubt you will notice, mainly from the Bill of Rights of 1688 and the US Bill of Rights, but also has influences from the European convention on Human Rights, and also has a few of my own predjudices about property and tax!!

The reason I jotted this down was due to the piss poor bills of rights I have read. Unlike the American one most are uninspiring, boring, leftist claptrap full of really relevant stuff like, 'the right not to be slaves' or 'the right to welfare and education' etc. Hardly ever do they guarentee the right to property or one's own money!!

I wonder why?

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