Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Freedom V democracy

An interesting thing Democracy!

Many people including those I respect talk solemnly about democracy and democratisation, as if it will cure all wrongs and free all peoples.

They are wrong! Democracy is fataly flawed.

The most base meaning of Democracy in English is Mob Rule or anarchy! Demos in Greek meaning poeple, the rest of it meaning rule!

Why this naive belief in Democracy?

Well its politically correct, no politician would ever say the people are not always right, never mind most people are too stupid to realise what they vote for.

What I would prefer people to talk about is Freedom. A good English word, one with which we are well aquainted, the Anglo-Saxon people have always have always been free, sometimes more free sometimes less so, however from the beginings the English people were free. The Magna Carta was a guarentee of those freedoms, not the cause, the Bill of Rights 1688 where again our rights were written down and enshrined in law, no one was "given" freedom. The courts with the reality of stated cases of Common Law and the ideals of Equity bound together, were a way in which the little man could stand up to the big man, perhaps not ideal, but the best there has ever been.

The freedoms we enjoy are ours, always have been, always will be. The American revolution was a continuation of English freedoms being guarenteed by the people. The constitution of the United States refers to 'self evident truths', that 'all men were created equal', etc...

However some confuse freedom with democracy. The people may be created equally, however they are not equally intelligent, they are not equally gifted. Indeed the United States was estabished as a free Republic, not a democracy, the founding fathers deliberetly avoided the word democracy, or democratic.

Not only did they avoid that word they entrenched within the constitution itself and anti-democratic government, with only the House of Representatives being elected directly by the people, and those people being property owning white men. Senators were selected by state congresses, not the people. The President was elected by electors and still is, again not a direct democracy!

The US only became fully democratic when the southern blacks were allowed to vote, some would say that its not democratic now!

Lets get real, most people dont know much about politics, or government, and they don't care! The original American Republic needs to be an insperation to us as it was set up by astute and learned men who had a great understanding of the world and it's history.

1. The voting age should be raised to 21 for the lower house of parliament/congress

2. The voting age for the Senate should be 40, as the older one is the less idealistic or stupid one is, also older people tend, I stress tend to be wiser.

3. The long term unemployed(over 1 year) should be disqualified from voting, as they are paying no tax and are contributing nothing to society

4. Property and/or a job should be the qualification for the vote

5. No taxation without representation? Well then, no representation without taxation!!!

The following should be bared from voting

A. the stupid

B. the spongers

C. Foreigners... ie Arabs, Africans, Asians

D. Convicts/Former convicts

E. The insane

F. The young

Freedom is ours, always will be, Democracy is a threat to those freedoms, as we get the stupid voting for frightening policies.

Thus we get 90 days detention without trial in the UK, we get trial without jury, we get multi-culturalism, unabated imigration, endless welfare as the weak willed and supine electorate demand "SOMETHING MUST BE DONE" or "THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST THAT"

Thus we get single mums on welfare with a new flat, that is turned into a crack house. We get the millions of long term sick who are not sick but lazy. We get an inificient Soviet style health system, SHIT schools where the teachers try to teach our kids homosexuality in between being beaten and raped by the students!!!

This is all a result of stupid people voting for morons, communists and opportunists, who then set to work dismantling society. Mao's cultural revolution in slow motion and with an understanding smile!!!!

Freedom is precious, Democracy is a danger to those freedoms, we need representatives in Parliament or Congress to hold the government to acount, we need to vote for them, however we cannot allow "Democracy" or a twisted understanding of democracy to destroy our basic freedoms

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