Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Are conservatives on the march?

The truly disgusting, socialist Liberal Party has lost the federal elaction in Canada, replaced by the socially and economically conservative Conservative Party, like the name!
This is after 13 long dark years of Liberal government, God imagine having to live through that?
In 1993 the Conservatives went from being in government with 145 seats to losing to the Liberals and ending up with only 2 seats! They have been in the wilderness till only two years ago when they finally woke up and got serious, resulting in victory!
Although saying that they have only 124 seats, the Liberals have 103(in a Parliament with 308 seats) So the Tories will have to be sly and careful for a year or so before calling a snap election to get a majority!
Lets hope Canadians are not dumb enough to vote the Liberals back in!!

Last year an election in New Zealand brought National Party back from the dead, in a Parliament with 120 seats National had 27 to Labour's 51.
National jumped back to 48 seats and looked for a time as if they would get into power, but were pipped by Labour's 50 seats.

Australia's election of 2004 confirmed the Liberal Party's hold on power(Liberal in Australia meaning the opposite of what Canadian Liberals are) In fact they seized control of the Senate and increased their majority in the House of Representatives. Likewise the Republicans increased their majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives and as we all know they won the Presidency.

Ireland has since 1997 been run by Fianna Fail, the closest to a conservative party one can get in Ireland, and they have no serious opposition and are set to remain in power for a decade or so more, which aint a bad thing for Ireland since its doing very well.

However although it may seem superficially true that the right is on the march, I think it would be wrong to think the right is triumphant yet!

In some respects the right is doing ok! The best thing about the right is that we are right, and secondly, we are getting to a point where some people(subsequently smeared by socialists as evil and racist) are recognising that we are right and where we are finally approaching a coherent and targeted philosophy of conservatism.

However the truth is that we will probably have to wait untill the west is collapsing before the people are willing to entertain even the thought of voting in the Right with enough of a mandate to eradicate socialism, welfare and state provision.

Too many people are addicted to welfare, too many people have been partially educated by the socialists, too many are brainwashed with socialist thinking, political correctness, environmentalism, childish anti-capitalism, cultural relativism and the rest of the leftist cannon.

The laziness, complacency and amorality of a substantial section of the population, who exist on welfare along with the twee and weak willed 'we must be nice' white middle class is, I beleive the barrier between conservative parties and ideologies being in power and out of power.

I also think that the allied assaults of socialist fundamentalists and the Muslims will have to take place before the weak willed white middle classes will vote decisivly for the right.

Unfortuantly, I beleive we will just have to try our best till then, fine tune our beliefs and vision and watch as the impending crisis unfurls. War and collapse may have to pass before we can finally and decisivly eradiacte the root of imorality, decay, subversive imigration and retardation in the west: socialism

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