Saturday, January 28, 2006

Muslims, the reality

This is a record of and a projection of the number of Muslims in the world.

Islamic Population in 1950: 361 millions

Islamic population in 2000: 1,209 millions

Islamic population in 2015: 1,625 millions

Islamic popualtion in 2025: 1,921 millions

Islamic population in 2050: 2,588 millions

In 2000, Europe had over 800 millions

In 2050 Europe will have 650 millions, 20% of that total will be non-European!

Considering that the races of the west are shrinking, this is truly scary stuff, from 361 millions to over 2.5 billion in a century, thats a 700% increase! What is wrong with these people? Cant they keep their dicks to themselves for more then 5 seconds?

Muslims are using the cot as a weapon against us, and us stupid white people are funding this unsustainable population expolosion through our dim witted but well meaning charitable constributions.

At the same time we are aborting millions of our potential children, condemning our races to extinction and/or future slavery to the barbarian hordes that are and will continue to pour into the West!

How stupid can we get? How long will we remain this stupid?

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