Sunday, January 29, 2006

England's population shrinks!

According to statisticians, the white population of England dropped by 100 thousands last year!

Thats 100,000!

At the same time non-whites grew by 500 thousands

Thats 500,000

So England's population will grow happily for the foreseeable future! Although by 2100 England's whites will be a minority

At the moment there are 44,800,000 whites in England, compared to 6,800,000 non whites. If the stats go on like this till 2055 the number of whites in England will drop to about 40 millions, the population of non whites will reach about 27 millions.

This is trully scary stuff, England will have 35 million or so whites by 2100 and non whites 47 millions!

As I've said before, Europe is finshed, England can not survive a demographic shift like that.

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