Sunday, January 29, 2006

What to do?

Well now that the question has been answered, what can we do?

Is there anything that can be done to stop the decay, to end the decline?

Well anything is possible!

If you can set up a new political party, one that would radically reform the ecomomy of your respective European nation, one that would end irresponsible immigration, expel many or all of the Muslims, create an atmosphere where Europeans start to breed once again etc, etc.

But how likely is that?

Anything is possible, but not probable.

Europe is facing the end, the combination of economic decline, demographic suicide and the ending of morals is set to intensify. This is how Rome came to its end. In ancient Rome, taxes became crushing, immigration was out of control and infanticide was rife, the population of Rome was falling, all it took was about 50 years for the barbarians to manouvre themselves to end the Roman Empire.

It would not suprise me if in 2050, Europe was a collection of unstable Islamic sultanates.You must leave now, if you cant leave now, you must make a plan and leave in the next 5 years, because this decay we see will only intensify, the fall is not that far away.Where to go?

Australia is a great place to go, with a booming economy, 90% white, few Muslims, and a patriotic people, Australia is a good bet. Pop 20 millions and rising to 43 millions by 2100.

New Zealand is another good bet, 80% white, 15% Maori, virtually no Muslims and a booming economy. Pop 4 millions rising to 8 millions by 2100.

United States, most powerful nation on earth, wealthiest nation on earth, a proud people, healthy booming economy and 80% white with only 1% muslim. Pop 300 millions rising to 500 millions by 2100.

Canada, although more left wing then the rest and with a sizeable Muslim minority, it is still a better bet then Europe, over 90% white. Pop 32 millions rising to 66 millions by 2100.

Europe has a dying economy, dying races and out of control, malign inward migration. Pop 800 millions droping to 650 millions by 2100, projected non white population up to 20%, rising to 40% or even 60% in some countries such as Belgium, France and the Netherlands.Leave now before the flood to get out.

When even the dim Europeans realise what has happened, millions will try to flee to America or Australia. Those nations will not allow such huge influxes, many will be forced to remain in the war zone and become dhimmi(subdued kafirs who pay the poll tax).

So leave now or very soon, to avoid the rush! Trust me it will come!Already, many instinctivly understand the decline, but can't convey this understanding in words, they know too many Muslims is dangerous, to much welfare is deadening.

I have met many Europeans like this and they all want to go and live in Australia or New Zealand or Canada or the US. Very few Europeans activly want to stay in Europe, excluding the Irish who are quite content.

20,000 Britons are leaving to emigrate to Australia every year, and the numbers are rising, this is the highest rate of British emigration to that nation since the 50s!! Britons now make up the largest group of emigrants in Australia!

So dont dally, get a move on, make a plan, get off of this sinking ship, before you drown on the chaos of the consequences of a century of efete liberalism and soul distroying socialism.

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