Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is Europe finished?

I ask because it seems the obvious question to ask.Europe continues to have sky high inward migration from the Islamic world, Muslims who leech off of our byzantine socialist welfare states whilst urging each other on to jihad against the kafirs(us)

They are also the predominant breeders in the new Europe, a majority of live births in the Netherlands are to Muslims, 10% of the people of France are Muslim and this is rising every day.The populations of Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Scotland are shrinking.

Eastern Europe due to its tragic communist past is even worse then Western Europe. In Russia abortions outnumber live births! Any society were abortions outweigh live births is in serious trouble, according to the CIA factfile and Wikpedia online encylopedia, Russia's population will drop from 145 millions to 104 millions in 2050.

According to EUROSTAT, an arm of the European Commission, "Over 1998-2015 years the population of Russia can decrease by 8.6 million, or by 6%. Annual rate of it's decline will be almost constant-on the average 0.3%"

Simply put, Russia is fucked!

However you can add to this list every European nation excluding Ireland and Albania(which is muslim). France, The United Kingdom and Belgium will continue to see bare growth, but in reality this will mask a shrinking of the native populations being offset by massive Islamic birthrates.

Now, all of the above could be swept under the carpet if Europe were an economic powerhouse, but it's not even that! Some Eastern European nations are doing well, but they are comming from nothing, and will inevitable be stopped when their demographics hit home. Ireland is booming, in fact Ireland is the only Christian nation in Europe were things look good and will continue to look good for a long time to come.

The rest of Europe is addicted to other peoples money. Antiquated and discredited socialist policies continue to be implemented and some how people are stunned when that policy fails to deliver! Duh! which century are you in???

Welfare is no longer seen as a safety net, it is now seen as a right!! Any attempt to slim down the welfare state is met with millions of protesters on the streets of numerous European cities, sometimes leading to gridlock across the continent.

Europe has for centuries been the vibrant heart of the world in every sense, culturaly, religiously, politicaly, militarily, scientifically, philosophicaly. The deluge of treasure, wisdom, money, people and ideas that have poured into the rest of the world is astounding. What does Europe offer now? Where is the culture? You get a bit of recycled Bach or Beethoven, the odd bit of Verdi. Great European literature is still read but where is the modern culture? And dont tire me with the porn that passes for 'art' with the poncy elites.

Where are the cutting edge ideas? The only thing that passes for intelectual discussion is an ignorant, underinformed and passe hate of America, Christianity and capitalism.

If you want to see vibrant Western Nations, look at The United States, Australia and to a lesser extent New Zealand, Canada, Chile and other Latin American nations.You want to see the ideas that will facinate future peoples look at the conservative thinkers in America and Australia.

You want to see what future peoples will think is todays culture? You will be looking in vain at Europe, you need to look further afield to the heirs of Europe, the nations of the Anglosphere, the Hispanosphere and Brazil, these nations are the future of the West.You want to see where the people of the future will look for religious developments and theology, look at the Americas.

Europe is in what looks like a serious decline. The economies of Europe are dying, the races of Europe are dying. Europe is a cultural wasteland, it has no relevant ideas, no inovations, no ambition exept to sneer at Americans. Europe has decided that it will no longer be serious about its future. Well why should it? With shrinking populations it will very soon not have a present!

In the block of appartments where I live in East London, I am the only White European! Every other flat is filled to bursting point with Somalians and Bengalis, all living in state subsidised appartments and living off welfare handouts, ie: my tax money. Each flat is full of screaming brats who cant speak English, along with their veiled mothers and rude, lazy and hate filled husbands. All I can hear is the screaming children and the women being beaten by their husbands!

This is the future of Europe!

So did I manage to answer my original question?

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