Thursday, March 16, 2006

Commonwealth Games 2006

The 18th Commonwealth Games were opened by Her Majesty The Queen on Wednesday.

(Above: Melbourne, host city of the Commonwealth Games 2006)

Now being a conservative, I'm not one to advocate change for change's sake(unlike socialists)

But what is the Commonwealth for? I understand the nostalgia value of the Commonwealth, it connects us to the glorious and noble past of the British Empire, I understand the affection and thankfulness felt for Her Majesty and her 54 year reign.

However, the Commonwealth is now an irrelevancy, it has become just another arm of the increasingly corrupt UN, and it is staffed by the same leftie jobsworths that fill any government post!

The Commonwealth also accords equal status between glorious nation like Australia and New Zealand and shit holes like Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) and Nigeria!

But I Digress! However irrelevant the Commonwealth is, the Australians have proven again that they are a great people and a thoroughly decent and agreeable people at that.
The greeting they gave Her Majesty on her arrival in Australia is to be commended. The opening ceremony of the Games were a tribute to that great woman, the warmth shown her was impressive. Where in Britain the government treat her with contempt the Australian government of John Howard and the people of Melbourne, wished her a happy 80th birthday with a thumping rendition of 'happy birthday' and 'God save the Queen'.

(Above, The Queen declares the Games open)

All this in spite of the powerful republican lobby in Australia, this indicates the level of civility that Australia has over her 'mother country'.

The opening ceremony of the Games were truly breath taking, what is it about Aussies and success?

Good news from Aus, apparently republicanism is on the wane and active opposition to the concept of a republic is growing especially amongst those under 30 years old. It may be that the 1999 referendum was the last chance for an Australian republic in a century! It seems republicanism is the reserve of the middle aged middle class and the usual rabble of frothing extremist socialists, something which, thankfully Australia has in small and decreasing numbers!

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