Friday, March 17, 2006

Paris in the Spring!

Young French men and women are doing what always comes easy to the French, they are rioting, again! Unlike the months of riots last year, these riots have been carried out by the French and not illegal Muslim immigrants.

The riots have started after French riot police stormed the Sorbonne, the pre-emminent French university, where students had been operating a 'sit in' as a protest against new employment laws. Once the Sorbonne had been stormed, it got ugly, days of riots have followed and most universities in France have closed!

The inept Prime Minister of France, Dominique De Villepin, that fearsome defender of Saddaam Hussein, has brought forward a new law which allows companies to hire university graduates on 2 year contracts. This exempts French companies from having to give life long work and benifits to new employees, that prove themselves to be useless! With 'youth' unemployment in France standing at 23%, that, to me, sounds like a step forward!

To the undergraduates at the Sorbonne, this law makes them quite unhappy! Why not go for a 2 year contract and prove your worth to your boss? Then you could have a great job for life! (Whats this obsession with a job for life anyway? Being stuck in the same job forever is my idea of Hell!)

Well, interestingly, some 'French youths' from the suburbs have been migrating towards the riots in central Paris, and groups of them have been attacking the police, burning cars and looting properties. Any of this sound familiar?
We will have to wait for the warmth of summer before we witness the next month long outbreak of riots by disaffected 'French youths' from the suburbs of Paris!

As usual, that slimy oaf Jaques Chirac has nothing to say, he knows he is on his way out and all he thinks about at the moment is how to avoid the corruption charges that will be slapped on him the moment he steps down from the Presidency!
France is a mess!

(Above, French President Jacques Chirac avoids questions on France's future)

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