Friday, March 10, 2006

Heroes of the West

Our great civilisation has many we can call heroes!
Men and women who have fought for our civilisation, our freedom and our future, many have given their lives. Are we worthy of them?

Charles Martel was the King of the Franks, he fought the Saracens(Muslims) at Tours in 732AD, he halted them and defeated them, sending the barbarian horde back into Spain(which they had just conquered and enslaved)

Martel fought a running series of hard fought battles as he drove the Islamic savages from France

John Sobieski, King of Poland raced to the relief and certain rescue of Christendom in 1683. The Turkish savages had invaded and brutalised the Balkans, enslaving the great races of the Serbs, the Bulgarians, the Greeks, the Croatians, the Hungarians and many other smaller races. The Turks advanced on Vienna and for a time it looked as if Europe would finally fall to the Islamic barbarians.
They didn't count on the Polish King, who selflessly rode to Europe's rescue, he drove the Turkish barbarians from Vienna and has earned his place in the hall of Christian heroes.

The battle of Lepanto was fought in 1571. It was led by Don Juan Hapsburg, he led the christian fleet against the Islamic barbarian fleet of Ali Pasha, Sultan of the Ottomans who was attempting to enslave the free West. He was routed and defeated by the combined fleets of Venice, Spain, Genoa, the Holy Order of the Knight's of St John of Malta, Savoy and the Pope's fleet.

Queen Isalella of Spain with King Ferdinand finally liberated Spain from the blood thirsty and uncivilised Moors who had treacherously invaded and enslaved Spain in the 8th century. Spain was now free and able to build one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen!

Queen Elizabeth I was instrumental in defending a free England from the subversive powers of Europe during the reformation, she headed off the Spainish Armada and preserved England's independence.

William Pitt the Elder was Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Seven Years War(the French and Indian War) 1592–1598 in which he was instrumental in defeating the French and ending their hopes of conquering the British colonies of North America, thereby ensuring the continuity of the English speaking peoples of North America.

William Pitt the Younger was Prime Minister when Europe was threatened by the revolutionary hordes of France in the 1790's and then the armies of Napoleon in the first decade of the 19th century. His efforts led to Napoleon's eventual defeat on 1815

Horatio Nelson, Admiral of the Fleet, led the Royal Navy against French Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, dying in the Battle of Trafalgar, which ended Napoleon's ability to invade England.

Sir Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, led British forces against French armies in Spain and Portugal and later left the Congress of Vienna to lead Allied armies against Napoleon and to his final defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

General Charles Gordon, died heroically in Kartoum in the Sudan when he defended the local people against the savage and blood thirsty Mahdi in 1885. He had the opportunity to leave the locals to the barbarous Mahdi and his savage followers, but he was too decent to do so, he paid with his life as did the men under his command,

The men of the West who fought bravely in the trenches of France agaisnt German aggession in WWI, my great grandfathers were amoungst those brave souls who fought for King, Country and freedom.

Winston Churchill, stiffened the resolve of Britain during WWII and helped save the world from German Nazism, he also realised the threat posed by Soviet Communism long before others.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, were vital in the fight against communism. They both challenged defeatists in their own nations, they both fought vigorously for free trade both at home and abroad, they stood together against the tyranny of state socialism resulting in the Soviet Union's final collapse in 1990. Thatcher fought and won the Falkland war, when most thought that she would lose it, Reagan instilled a new confidence in America and laid the ground work for the Republican party's ascendance today.

Are we worthy of these great people?

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