Thursday, March 09, 2006

Keep Guantanamo open!

We often hear the leftest refrain "America is a human rights abuser, just look at Gauntanamo"

Well lets look at it!

It is a high security prison camp on Cuban soil, but on long term lease to the US. It has long been a lonely and isolated outpost on the edge of the free world and would have been one of the first places of battle if the cold war had turned hot!

After 9/11 and the consequent Afghan campaign many Muslims some Taliban other Al'Qaida operatives were imprisoned in Guantanamo in order to keep them out of circulation and to interogate and ivestigate them and if possible to execute them.

Limp wristed Europeans have demanded that their 'citizens' be released and the US has obliged. Those with French citizenship were promptly imprisoned in French prisons on their return and have yet to be charged or released! I detect some humbug on France's part!

The UK on the other hand has released their 'citizens' and 3 of them, the notorious 'Tipton 3' have been the subject of a Micheal Winterbottom film. The film portrays them as innocent 'lads' inadvertently caught up in world affairs!

The 'Tipton 3' claim their were going to a wedding in Pakistan and that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Right, so they just accidentally wondered a few hundred miles across the Afghan border and even after 9/11 and the months of military buildup they did'nt think to leave and go home?

Whether you beleive their claims or not is irrelevant, what disturbs me is that effete liberals have become so obsessed with the doctrinaire leftist fantasy that sees the US as uniquely wicked and its actions as supremely evil. They spend so much time and energy 'standing up' to US 'arrogance', they completely miss the true threat to the West. That is of course Islam and it's followers.

Liberals and leftists bang on about 'torture' in Guantanamo and ignore real torture in Islamic nations and other third world prison states. Torture for the left includes any sort of questioning, shackeling prisoners known to be violent to protect their own soldiers and not allowing prisoners to sleep all day. Torture also seems to include mocking and physical labour!

This attitude is not confined to irrational hatred of President Bush and America, it extends to any use of force by any authority! In England some twat(a wealthy respected barrister) has demanded that police should be banned from handcuffing anyone under 18 years of age and that they should also be prevented from strip searching any minor by law!

There are many minors who are evil little shits who act very differently around twats(see above) then they do around police men.

Lets face it, liberals are complete fucking idiots. They refuse to address any issue in a serious way, they mostly refuse to address any serious issue full stop! Hence the continuous bleating about 'global warming' and the avoidance of discussion about race, Islam or the future of the West!

Guantanamo serves a neccissary purpose, it should not be closed any time soon. We need somewhere secure to dump our terrorists, somewhere we can question them and if neccissary fly them to third world shit holes where they can be tortured if that is deemed to be the way to go.

Lets not kid our selves, the freedoms we enjoy in an ever decreasing amount are 'our ' freedoms not theirs, they are no better then animals, well actually worse. The Bill of Rights' does not and will never apply to these criminals!

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