Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Labor in meltdown?

It may be too much to hope for, but it seems Labor in Australia are determined to lose the next national election!
Kim Beazley the present leader is a useless fat oaf, who was leader of the Labour party after Keatings defeat in 1996. Beazley lost the 1998 and 2001 elections. He was then replaced by a Mr Simon Crean who was booted out before he could lose an election and was replaced by the barking Mark Latham who lost the 2004 election.

Above Kim Beazley, leader of the Australian Labor Party and loser of 2(soon to be 3) general elections

Mr Latham quit and wrote a book condemning the entire Labor party and then went quite mad and(to the best of my knowledge) is in a padded cell in some secure mental unit.
Well having just elected a mad man who lost an election, the Labor party decided to go for a safe pair of hands and chose Beazley again!
Well Mr Beazley is as useless as he used to be, he allows the Prime Minister John Howard to dictate the agenda, he never seems to say anything of consequece and is surrounded by an angry pack of treasonous socialists who have no morals!
Mr Crean, the man who originally replaced Beazley was almost deselected from his seat in Victoria yesterday, he just held on, other old guards have been booted out and Beazley, oblivious to the threat this poses, not only to his political future, but also to the integrity of the Labor party.

With any luck Labor will imlode just in time for the 2007 election and guarentee Howard another 3 years more in power, by then he will have been PM for 14 years and had have won 5 elections on the trot! How cool is that?


Jonny baby must be ecstatic at Labor's self inflicted wounds!

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