Sunday, March 05, 2006

The true face of Islam

The following are passages from the Koran and the Hadith(traditons)

Some of the pictures are distressing! I have actually chosen the milder pictures. Everyone is dead. Some pictures I saw were of people being murdered by Muslims, they were quite gruesome.

I put these pics on the site, not because I get a sick sort of kick from them, beleive me I have seen enough gore in my time! I publish the pics to illustrate the barbarity of Islam and it's followers. I do it to show what we in the West will see every day in a decade or so time. Thses pictures represent the future.

Are you prepared?

Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.”

Tabari VIII:141 “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’”

Qur’an 33:60 “Truly, if the Hypocrites stir up sedition, if the agitators in the City do not desist, We shall urge you to go against them and set you over them. Then they will not be able to stay as your neighbors for any length of time. They shall have a curse on them. Whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy—a fierce slaughter—murdered, a horrible murdering.”
(the picture bellow are Hindu children murdered in a Hindu temple by the followers of the religion of peace)

Bukhari:V5B59N512 “The Prophet had their men killed, their woman and children taken captive.”

Ishaq:403 “Allah killed twenty-two polytheists at Uhud.”
(The following picture is the outcome of Beslan)

Tabari VII:149 “I went into a cave with my bow and arrows. While I was in it, a one-eyed man from the Banu Bakr came in driving some sheep. He said, ‘Who’s there?’ I said [lied], ‘I’m a Banu Bakr.’ ‘So am I.’ Then he laid down next to me, and raised his voice in song: ‘I will not believe in the faith of the Muslims.’ I said, ‘You will soon see!’ Before long the Bedouin went to sleep and started snoring. So I killed him in the most dreadful way that anybody has ever killed. I leant over him, struck the end of my bow into his good eye, and thrust it down until it came out the back of his neck. After that I rushed out like a wild beast and took flight. I came to the village of Naqi and recognized two Meccan spies. I called for them to surrender. They said no so I shot and arrow and killed one, and then I tied the other up and took him to Muhammad.”

Ishaq:464 “The Jews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace of Medina, and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men.”

Tabari VIII:40 “The Messenger commanded that furrows should be dug in the ground for the Qurayza. Then he sat down. Ali and Zubayr began cutting off their heads in his presence.”

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sara said...

you think that only our religion does that,huh?!?!You are absolutely wrong because our religion says how to be respctfull to all people in the world no matter if they are white or black or catholic or jewish even polytheist!all people that do things like that(killing,maltreating etc.)they are all aginst Islam and that want to destroy it!!!