Tuesday, March 21, 2006

September 11th was meant for us all!

Mohammed Afroze is an Al-Qa'ida terrorist. He admits that the 9/11 attacks should have also hit Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and India, as well as the United States!

On 22 July last year in India he was convicted of criminal conspiracy, conspiracy to disturb relations between friendly nations, and forging documents. He got 7 years for his role in the Islamic plot in which planes should have been crashed into the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge in London on 11 September 2001.

A parallel Al-Qaeda cell is alleged to have intended to simultaneously fly a plane into the Rialto Towers in Melbourne, Houses of Parliament in Indiaand an attack in Montreal, inevitably causing thousands of death in India Canada and Australia!

(above, the Rialto Towers, Melbourne. Target of 9/11 attackers)

According to the confession by Afroze, he and his associates were about to board the Manchester to London flight they were to hijack, when they saw the extent of the damage in America, panicked and fled.

(Above, the Twin Towers, the part of the attack that was executed)

Afroze, confessed to spending £150,000 on flying lessons in the year before September 11th, at the same Florida flying school as the 9/11 hijackers. In addition, in August 2001, Afroze enrolled in a £50,000 one-year residential course at the Cabair College of Air Training in Bedford.

(above, Houses of Parliament in New Delhi, an other target for the 9/11 attackers)

A 7th December 2001 article in the Daily Mail in United Kingdom said "he had credit cards and a passport with visas, obtained under the false name of Afridi, for all the countries allegedly being targeted.", which, if true, would support the evidence about additional attacks on September 11, 2001.

According to The Times on July 23rd, 2005: "Afroze admitted that he and seven Al-Qaeda operatives planned to hijack aircraft at Heathrow and fly them into the two London landmarks. The suicide squad included men from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Afroze said. They booked seats on two Manchester-bound flights, but fled just before they were due to board."
Afroze returned to India and was arrested by Indian authorities.

Has anyone bothered to do an indepth documentary about this conspiracy?

Has any mainstream paper or TV channel done an expose on this?

Probably not, they are much more interested in US soldiers 'committing war crimes' in Iraq.

This is what the left do, they obsese over small and ultimately irrelevant stories, whilst wilfully ignoring the big picture. That is why we should fear for our future!

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