Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kyoto will solve everything!

I feel so stupid!

If only I had bothered to listen to those wonderful people, environmentalists, liberals and the like who have been trying to tell us about 'global warming' but that evil bastard Bush had prevented us from hearing anything about the amazing effects the 'Kyoto' treaty is having.

If only I had known, Kyoto was saving the world, or would save it had that evil demon Bush signed up to it!

Yes I know, you nasty right wing bigots will tell me that Europe, Canada, Japan have seen their carbon output increase in double digit numbers while the US has only seen it grow by 7% or so.

Big deal, its all a cunning plan by that idiot Bush!

If only Bush would sign Kyoto, the problems of the world would disapear!

Well almost, we would also need Bush to give 5 trillion dollars to Africa, withdrawal of all American troups from Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar. Bush would also need to stop being aggresive with North Korea and Iran and try negotiating for a year or ten.

We would also demand that the idiot Bush stop forcing his EVIL religion down everyone's throats and he would have to put sanctions on the Neo-Nazi state of Isreal!

Then the world would be going on the right direction!

Allahu Akbar!

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