Friday, April 07, 2006

Blair's failure!

Tony Blair has failed as Prime Minister!
He has over seen the greatest expansion of the welfare state since the late 1940s, taxes have risen continuously to pay for this great wasteful expansion and economic growth has come to a halt!

Many people thought and wrote that Blair was different from all the previous Labour leaders and that he was not a socialist! I for one never believed that, and told anyone who would listen that Blair was dangerous! However no one would listen to me and Blair won a landslide in the 1997 election.

At first he worked slowly, bringing devolution to Scotland and Wales, appeased the IRA and stealthily raised some indirect taxes. No one noticed or cared, the world economy boomed and Britain followed on its coat tails.

Blair has committed constitutional vandalism of a criminal variety, he has left the UK in a mess.

Scotland has a Parliament with tax raising powers, but to keep Labour in power, the government bung billions of pounds in Scotland's direction so they never have to raise tax.

Wales has an Assembly with no tax raising power and very little law making power.

England has no Parliament of it's own, regional boards stuffed with Labour supporters who make decisions about their areas with no regard to what the locals think!

Northern Ireland has been given over to terrorists to keep them quiet!

Jack Straw the Foreign Secretary very nearly betrayed the loyal people of Gibraltar by handing them over to Spain, something none of them wanted.

Blair has continued to hand sovereign power over to that socialist orginisation the European Union, without any form of plebiscite to determine whether the people support this.

Blair and his incompetent ministers have allowed millions of illegal immigrants into the UK, many of them Muslim, nothing has been done about it. These illegal immigrants then receive free housing, free money, free health, free education, etc...

Blair's apparent successor is not too hot either. Gordon Brown has been instrumental in the 'redistribution' of wealth we have seen over the last 9 years. We now pay more in tax then the Germans, can you believe that!

Margaret Thatcher spent a decade fixing this country and now in less then decade Brown and Blair have fucked it up AGAIN!

The ONLY thing which saves Blair in my estimation is his courageous stand with the United States and President Bush after 9/11, and his support for and participation in the liberations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

But Blair does not have much time left, he foolishly told a reporter before the last election that that would be his last campaign and that he would resign before the next election which must be held by summer 2010.

That was suicide, in a Parliamentary system, the Prime Minister must have the confidence of the House of Commons, if he looses it, he loses power. Blair is rapidly losing the confidence of the House and must leave soon or rescind on his promise to go and purge his party, but if he did that he would most likely be toppled anyway by the ministers who have been building their own power bases in readiness for Blair's departure.

The truth is that Blair has acheived very little as PM, except for higher taxes, constitutional uncertainty and the mess that is now modern Britain. He wasted what was probably the best chance and possibly last chance to rescue Britain from the moral and racial malaise it has been sinking into for the past 50 years and in focusing instead on wrecking the economy, he has left Britain doubly unprepared for the comming century!

Time to say good bye and good riddance!

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