Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Muslims murder young white boy!

In the week before Easter 2006, a Brussels teen Joe Van Holsbeeck was sitting on a bench with his friends in the Brussels Central Railway Station. He was approached by two Muslim 'youths' of North African appearance and they demanded that he hand over his MP3-player. The two young Muslim 'youths' then stabbed the boy to death for refusing to hand over his MP3-player. It happened in broad daylight in the very crowded railway station. The police did not release the CCTV video of the stabbing itself. The CCTV shots of the stabbers can be seen here.

He refused to be a Dhimmi and died for that! How many more of us will have to die before we rise up and expell this cancerous community from within our nations?

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loki said...

May God rest his soul!!
We MUST rise up and shake our selves of the Dhimmi status which has been for to long thrust upon us!!!