Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Western Defence

The last time I talked about your self defence or defence of your race, nation and community, I wrote that we should think about where we want to live, what sort of place best suits us as we think about the inevitable intensification of the war between us and Muslims.

I ask you a question now that you should think seriously about: ARE YOU WILLING TO KILL?

I ask this because we have 3 choices in the war

1. We can fight them

2. We can accept our dhimmi-hood and/or convert to Islam

3. Pretend nothing is wrong and delay the above 2 choices for another 10 or 15 years!

If you lean toward the second and third choice, then you never have to ask yourself whether you are capable of killing an other man.
If you lean toward fighting the Muslims, you need to accept that at some point you will most probably have to use violence to protect yourself, your family, your community, your nation and your race! Violence inevitably leads to death. Are you willing to kill people to live?

This is something with which I have struggled with, but with a heavy heart I have accepted that Muslims are not like us, as Osama Bin Laden has said "you love life, we love death"

We can't negotiate with or accommodate people like this, either they give up their religion or they leave our countries. Some will not accept this and will gladly fight us using what ever methods are at hand, they will detonate themselves in crowded public places, they will hack off our heads, they will rape our women, murder our children desecrate our places of worship.

There is nothing to low for them. I repeat are you willing to end the life of another?

Think about it now, you don't want to be faced with that choice when your decision will mean your life or death!


loki said...

I am willing to kill!
This is shocking to me to say but it is true!

Before 9-11 I, to my shame, I ignored Islam and all the attacks it perpetrated against my country men and against the rest of the world.
I will live with this shame forever!!

But seeing 9-11 as it happened, minute by terrible minute, I have gained something which I never had before.
HATE...true and unadulterated HATE.
And the attacks since then, the Madrid train bombings, the London bombings, the Bali bombings, hell ALL the bombing everywhere have built up that hate.

Although my government leaves alot to be desired at times. (I don't mean just this particular administration but all of them both dems and repubs, both past and present).
I still love my coutry VERY MUCH and I wil kill to protect her with no reservations what so ever.

I feel like a mother protecting her young!

So there...you have my answer.
I WILL kill!!!

A Free Man said...

Im glad you are willing. I now know that 3 people are willing to kill to protect their lives, culture, nations, races and faith against that false and wicked religion of Mohammed (piss on him!)

The same man who fucked a 9 year old girl. The same man who raped women. Murdered men, twisted minds and gave inspiration to those who would see all the world burn.

This is a religion without wisdom, without pitty, without morals, without reason and lets pray without a future!

This religion raped the Roman Empire, enslaved the Christian lands of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia(modern Iraq)Libya, Africa(modern day Algeria, Tunisia, Morrocco)and Spain.

This is the religion that defiled that most holy of Christian cities, Constantinople, the centre of the Roman and Christian world since Constantine the Great, the most glorious Christian city the world has known. They raped nuns and Christian children as they brought low that shinning star.

The same 'faith' that slaughtered up to 70 million Indians in the centuries following the Paedophile Prophet. This religion massacred almost the entire Bhuddist peoples of the sub-continent, burned the great and irreplacable Bhuddist libraries of Benares. They slaughtered the monks and raped the nuns.

The Hindus fared no better, thousands of temples were completely destroyed. Millions of Hundus over the cenuries were murderd and raped. India had to endure the most monsterous rulers untill the British liberated them from these savages.

The same 'faith' that enslaved the Christian peoples of the Balkans and Greece! The home of Pericles, Plato and Homer!

These barbarians, these savages presume that they are the best civilisation when they are not civil!

These filthy pigs(appologies to pigs!)destroy that which is beautiful, that which is wonderous, that which is wise that which is noble that which is holy!

They know nothing of what life could be, they are too interested in the hatred that consumes them, in the plunder to be had, in the victims they can humiliate and enslave, in that loveless god they call Allah(piss on him)

And now, after all those previous outrages against the world they now have their eyes on fair Europe. The prize they were never able to enslave.

They will destroy all of Europes great churches and cathedrals. Those they do not destroy they would vandalise with their uncouth minarets.

The great accumilated art of fair Europe will burn, Michelangelo's David, the Mona Lisa, Titian's work all of our great art! We will no longer hear the most beautiful music the world has ever heard, our intsruments will fall silent, no more Bach, no more Verdi, no more Vivaldi or Beethoven.

The beautiful cities of Florence, Sienna, Venice, Rome, Paris, Athens, Vienna, York, Winchester and all the other towns and cities of fair Europe will be raped and pillaged, never to be rebuilt, never to see glory again.

They will rape our women, murder or enslave us men. They will humiliate us, abduct our children to fuck them and convert them, so that in a generation we will have to fight our own flesh and blood, just as the Turks did to the enslaved peoples of the Balkans!

And do you know what enrages me most? It is the legions of fucking ignorant socialists and liberals who are and will continue to aid and abet the Muslims in thier conquest of Europe. They are the most evil people amoungst us, the most cowardly, these 'peace activists' these 'anti racists' these 'progressives' will cheer when the barbarians are swarming over fair Europe murdering, raping looting, enslaving, burning destroying, eliminating!

Even if and when these savages rule Europe I will not submit to the religion of submission. I will fight, I will kill and no doubt I will die a painful death after an immaginative torture session.

But I will know that I will die a free man, never submitting, never surrendering to that hateful and repulsive religion.

DC. said...

Ummm I wonder - do you think I am capable of murder? surely not - I think I would flinch when the moment came in my european weakness.

I am just not capable of making a rational to kill someone or a whole group of people if necessary in order for self preservation - I think I would rather let them beat and rape my race and nation and my family etc. etc.

Ohhhh such a difficult decision!

what do you think?