Thursday, May 11, 2006

More EUtopian anti-sense!

The EU has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to go ahead with the spirit, if not the form, of the European Constitution which was decisively rejected by the French and Dutch peoples in 2005.

The conference will discuss how to hood wink the good people of Europe in to accepting the Constitution. The following are some points they will discuss:

  • The ending of national police forces. They will now answer to our masters in Brussels
  • A unified Defence and Foreign policy(ie: anti American & anti Israeli)
  • Brussels controlling immigration to Europe(ie: more Islamic and black immigration)
  • Single tax rates(ie: tax increases to pay for the immigrants and politicians)
  • The beginning of a second round of ratification of the EU constitution

Our masters in the EU consider that a referendum is not the best way of ratification 'because the experience shows, as it was the case in France, that numerous citizens taking part in the referendum do not vote on the subject but on the Government.'

ie: Those idiots don't know what a good life we lead, they don't understand how wonderfully 'diverse' Europe is now because of their 'vision' and 'humanity' by allowing unrestricted immigration into what was once fair Europe.

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