Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tax cuts and tax hikes!

Peter Costello, the Australian Treasurer yesterday
cut tax by about Aus$40 billion!

He cut the levels of tax paid by pretty much everyone and increased spending!!!!

This is interesting, Australia has for a number of years done well out of the booming Asian economies, it has used this wealth, not by wasting it on benefits for scroungers, but by cutting taxes and raising personal thresholds.

In England we have a leader of the Conservative Party telling us he is going to RAISE taxes!

How is this guy thinking? Does he not understand basic economics? The law of diminishing returns? The danger of high taxes? The waste and immorality of welfare?

Peter Costello now tells those lucky Aussie bastards that they can expect MORE tax cuts in the coming years!

Tell me, why o why am I still living in England?


Leo Pusateri said...

Maybe I'll join you in Canberry and we can hoist a couple of Foster's together!

A Free Man said...

Yes, that sounds good!
Well I am actually off to Aus in Novemeber for 6 weeks. Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide. Then I want to catch a plane to Perth and do the west coast. So what ever happens I will have a few frosty ones this winter(summer)