Thursday, June 08, 2006

Muslims scream for the death of Christians in London!

Yesterday, at about 2:30pm a group of Muslims stood outside the Maria Fedelis Convent School on North Gower Street, London NW1.

The 5 Muslims men and 2 Muslim women had a megaphone and were screaming for the deaths of Christians outside the school gates. The teachers tried to ignore it, but it continued and after half an hour, fearing for the safety of the girls, they phoned the police.

On their arrival, the police seized a video cam they were using to film this brave 'event' and took down their names, they were not arrested!

These people were calling for the rape and murder of Christians outside a school gate!

It is disgusting that these animals are still walking the streets. If these people were BNP activists calling for the deaths of Muslims outside a Muslim school, they would have been arrested, as it was they were let go, so that this 'incident' can be 'investigated'!

This was not in any news outlet, I learned of it from a close friend of mine, she is involved with the school and told me about it, shocked it could happen!

Dhimmis indeed!

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