Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Religion of Peace is at it again!

It has been an interesting few weeks!

Zarqawi is burning in hell with Mohammed and Satan/Allah.

17 'Canadians' were arrested with a few tons of explosives in Toronto ready to kill hundreds of Canadians, seize Parliament in Ottawa and behead the new Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

'British youths' arrested in London, shots fired, rumours of dirty bombs.

Do these things have any connection at all?

Probably not!

Another interesting story that I've heard of over the past few months is that of a California school, where they decided to make the children live like muslims for a few weeks, changing the kid's names, making them eat, fast and pray to Allah/Satan!

Can you immagine any school in America making it's students live like the original apostles? There would be millions of athiests on the streets burning churches and lynching Christians, there would be outrage amoungst the MSM, debates in Congress etc, etc...
But when a school makes students worship Allah/Satan, the MSM is curiously silent, no one on the left seems bothered, perhaps they are too busy trying to get 'in God we trust' taken off the American Dollar?

The Australian publishes an eye opening piece about the impending fall of Europe, well it would be eye opening if anyone took any notice! The problem is, no one cares, after every outrage by these bastards, I hear people around me curse Muslims and they agree with me that something needs to be done, then a few weeks passes and they seem bored, uncaring, uninterested!

And every day we get closer to becoming an Islamic state, an Islamic continent ruled by Mullahs and Sharia, every day we become more dhimmi!

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