Sunday, July 09, 2006

An Apology!

Yes, I would like to apologise, for the fact that I have not been able to go to Alexandra Palace to investigate the Islam Expo! I am swamped with work! Bummer I know!

The Islam Expo has been criticised for being 'insensitive in their choice of time and place for this 'festival of Islam', I for one think it's great! It just shows them for the nasty, haters that they are. I also appreciate the way Abu Izadeen, mocked the dead of 7/7, getting some cheap laughs from his followers! I appreciate Al Ghurabaa for telling us the truth about that religion, for not pulling any punches, as sickening as what they say is. Those I truly hate are the ones who masquerade as 'moderates' such as Sir Iqbal Sacranie, knighted by Blair for his 'moderation', even after refusing to commemorate the Holocaust, claiming that death was 'too good' for Salman Rushdie and generally undermining this nation! He is a little shit!

There are many takkiya wielding Muslims out there, peddling their lies and deceit to woolly minded liberals, who being too decent or naive fall for these lies every time. Takkiya wielding Muslims have allied themselves with our treasonous elite and together they are subverting our freedoms, just take a look at what this government has done! Look at the myriad of new laws, new powers that the authorities have, all in the name of anti-terrorism!

I don't mind if Muslims are held in Guantanamo or Belmarsh indefinitely, I do care if these laws are applied to natives, to non-Muslims. These laws, should only apply to Muslims and their supporters, not Hindus or Buddhists or Christians! But then again in an ideal situation, the entire Mohammedan community of the West would be booted out and told to go back to whichever shit hole they crawled out of!

What happened on 7/7 2005 will happen again! Perhaps it will be a night club(I hate clubbing, so I wont be there!) a gay day parade, a shopping mall, a ceremonial event or another attack on the tubes and busses! But unfortunately, we in the West are just too nice to do what Muslims do! Link all of these events to Mohammed and his twisted teachings(or should that read twisted 'justifications'?) France faces more riots and uprisings, perhaps even bombings, Germany faces the abyss, Sweden faces the collapse of it's society, Spain and Italy face bombings, all of us face terror, infiltration, subversion and betrayal by those who purport to lead us!

When will we say ENOUGH? When will this stop? Will it stop?

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