Saturday, July 08, 2006

Interesting comments on the Guardian!

I was reading an article on the Guardian's web site, GuardianUnlimited, it's an article by an 'Islamic moderate', the responses to his post were intersting to say the least! Remember this is the paper of the left, the socialist bible: This is one of the responses!

"Once a gain the Bunglawalla ding-dong does what 'moderate muslims' do best:
Aiding and abetting the global jihad, deflecting blame away from the ummah by accusing the accuser, by threatening more terror attacks "we wouldn't want anything to happen to your nice little country..."
While he's at it, many of his ilk come to his support:
"Racist, Islamophobes, Rednecks" stand in the way of peaceful da'awa, claim the Mohammedan slaves of Allah, to hinder the spread of Islam which is inevitable, either by demographics (out-breeding the natives of the host-country) or by the terror which made Mohammed victorious, and which is commanded in the immutable tenets of the Koran. One of the most ridiculous posters in a recent Islamic rally read "Stop resisting Islam Now!" - the notion that opposing the "rule of Allah" is in itself 'oppression' and an 'injustice' should alarm every infidel who doesn't want to have to chose whether he wants to have his head cut off or forcibly converted to the cult of Islam...
The multi-culti experiment worked with peoples from many nations, it stops dead in its tracks when it comes to the nation of Islam, which simply don't respect the laws of the infidels and who teach their children to hate unbelievers and Jews, who believe they have to wage violent jihad until all "Religion belongs to Allah..."The countries of western Europe have fought against the Mohammedan scourge for 1400 years, our freedom did not come free and is worth defending.
The mythical "moderate muslim" is as rare as hens teeth. If the Bungla-wallah-ding-dong and the equally slick & slimy Tariq Ramadan can pass as "moderates" then one could almost feel sorry for Abu Hamza, who wanted the same thing, a member of the same Islamic pirate-ship, he just incited a bit more than others...
The Bungla-walla-ding-dong is a valuable contributor of the Mohammedan mindset, infidels prick up your ears and smell the coffee!
Immigration and infiltration of western countries by Mohammedan hordes must be stopped and reversed! Deportations of illegals must be rigorously enforced. Disengagement from the imaginary "Caliphate" is our only chance for survival. Mohammedans did not overrun western Europe to contribute to our culture and civilization, they have nothing to give but to take; Mohammedans infiltrated Europe to make Europe Islamic.
The "moderate" Bungla-walla-ding-dong contributes whatever he can, which makes him in fact a Mohammean agit-prop, something quite different from what we would call 'moderate...'"

Perhaps, there is some hope for us after all! It seems many people have researched Islam, it seems a substantial minority 'gets it'! WOW, I wish I knew who they were!

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