Monday, July 31, 2006

Places I've been!

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1. Canada

2. United States

3.United Kingdom

4. Ireland

5. France

6. Germany

7. Switzerland

8. Spain

9. Italy

10. China

11. Australia


Sliver said...

I see that you never visited Portugal. Try on the next trip and we drinka wine or beer in Lisboa.

A Free Man said...

That is my aim this year! See ya then!

dag said...

I'm giving some serious thought to returning to Israel if the war continues. It must continue for me to find it worth my trouble going, and then that would include others like me: if the war continues there will be a continued labour shortage, meaning we can go to Israel and be useful to the nation, taking up the slack left by those called to the active from the reserve.

Of course it's better that Israel simply win and that they go home again, but if such is not the case, then it can be for us to go to help. Nothing in my life prevents me from leaving here to go there. In that, I'm lucky that my life is as it is, which must be the exception, most having carreers and families to tend to. I do not have those things. Others like me can come to Israel should they so choose. I could cover the map with red because of my drive to do things off the beaten path. I can recommend Israel as a place of fulfillment and dignity in our line of work. If the war continues we will be needed even if we are not asked. Consider that we might not even be welcome under the circumstances. But know too that we will be needed.