Monday, July 31, 2006

Whither goest Israel?

Is Israel going to give in?

Will the 25 deaths in Qana end this?

Will Israel be complicit in it's own destruction?

I hope not, but it seems like this is the first crack in Israel's resolve, am I right?

the MSM and their socialist allies are baying for Jewish blood, they have a primal hate toward the Jews and as such can not see any situation in which Israel is justified in defending themselves.

If Israel stops, they will not earn the love or respect of the socialists, they will just continue to hate them. Israel's only option is to continue and to accept that 'innocent' civilians will die!

In our war with Germany, we killed 10 million 'innocent' Germans, we also killed millions of 'innocent' Japanese civilians. We purposefuly targeted civilian infrastructure and residential areas, one can argue that this was wrong or mistaken, but we did this, we condemned millions of 'innocents' to death with our air raids. Were we wrong to do so? Should we have called a cease fire once 600 people had died?

Then why can't Israel defend it's self?

Most deaths in Lebanon are not Israel's fault, in fact none are. If Hizballah had not made that raid into Israel and killed 8 soldiers and kidnapped another 2, we would not be here. As much as the MSM would have you beleive, the Israelis are not blood thirsty barbarians, Hisballah are!

Israel would much prefer not to fight, they would much prefer to live their lives uninterupted by missiles, rockets and border raids.

Israel must stay the course, if it fails to do so, then I fear what will happen in the months and years to come. Israel must stop caring what our commies and corrupted elites think of them. Even if Israel gave all the West Bank to the Arabs, and never retaliated to these sort of wanton attacks, they would still be hated. The fate of the Jews is to be hated, they may as well defend themselves!

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