Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Forest Gate Muslims are at it again!

I don't know about you, but these guys give me the creeps, they simply look wicked, they have evil intent in their eyes, creepy. Now we have all heard about how they are innocent lads who just happen to be Muslim, but the one on the right also happens to be into kiddy porn! Apparently he is being 'questioned' by police in relation to child pornographic images on his computer, we were expecting Al'Qaida memos and chemical equations, but no, he is a perve and seems to spend the moments that he is not praying to Allah, creating images of children in sexual positions!

Now we learn that these 'lads' have also been shouting abuse at our noble soldiers, The Sun reports that these 'innocent' lads have been pasing by the Wellington Barracks in London most days and shouting “We hope you DIE in Iraq”

The 'innocent' lads also pretended to machine-gun guardsmen, they then spat at the soldiers!

Innocent indeed!

I like the leaflett above, I just wish it were true! If the police were allowed to target Muslims then perhaps we would not have had 4 suicide bombers detonate themselves on the our public transport?

Perhaps 52 people who are dead would be alive?

But it is far more important to show respect to that religion of wickedness then to protect our people, is it not?

I wonder what other interesting gems we will discover about these 'innocent' lads?

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