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Norwegian socialist calls for the destruction of Israel!

Jostein Gaarder, Aftenposten 05.08.06

From the Norwegian by Sirocco

There is no turning back. It is time to learn a new lesson: We do no longer recognize the state of Israel. We could not recognize the South African apartheid regime, nor did we recognize the Afghan Taliban regime. Then there were many who did not recognize Saddam Hussein's Iraq or the Serbs' ethnic cleansing. We must now get used to the idea: The state of Israel in its current form is history.

So according to this emenent communist, Israel is like Saddams Iraq! Or the Taliban regime! I suppose Israel stones adulteresses in their football fields? Or they put people in meat grinders whilst alive yes?

We do not believe in the notion of God's chosen people. We laugh at this people's fancies and weep at its misdeeds. To act as God's chosen people is not only stupid and arrogant, but a crime against humanity. We call it racism.

So to be a Jew is racist?

Limits to tolerance

There are limits to our patience, and there are limits to our tolerance. We do not believe in divine promises as justification for occupation and apartheid. We have left the Middle Ages behind. We laugh uneasily at those who still believe that the God of flora, fauna, and galaxies has selected one people in particular as his favorite and given it funny stone tablets, burning bushes, and a license to kill.

Right, ok, I get it, you have limits to your tolerance? Right, but this tolerance does not go so far as to tolerate the existence of Israel? But it is ok for Muslims to preach death to the infidels in Oslo, or to rape Norwegian girls, yes?

We call child murderers 'child murderers' and will never accept that such have a divine or historic mandate excusing their outrages.

And I tend to call rapists 'rapists' suicide bombers 'suicide bombers' and socialists 'morons'

We say but this: Shame on all apartheid, shame on ethnic cleansing, shame on every terrorist strike against civilians, be it carried out by Hamas, Hizballah, or the state of Israel!

Ethnic cleansing: Happening in Sudan NOW, in Kosovo against the Serbs NOW, against Christians in Indonesia right now! No ethnic cleansing happening in the middle east!

Unscrupulous art of war

We acknowledge and pay heed to Europe's deep responsibility for the plight of the Jews, for the disgraceful harassment, the pogroms, and the Holocaust.

Nice of you to metion it!

It was historically and morally necessary for Jews to get their own home. However, the state of Israel, with its unscrupulous art of war and its disgusting weapons, has massacred its own legitimacy.

Is this guy on speed?

It has systematically flaunted International Law, international conventions, and countless UN resolutions, and it can no longer expect protection from same.

Ha ha ha! When has Israel ever asked for help from the UN? When would the UN have ever offered help? Israel has never asked for help, because it knew it would never receive any help.
That cess pit called the UN is a foul, wretched and filthy excuse for an arbitration body.

It has carpet bombed the recognition of the world. But fear not! The time of trouble shall soon be over. The state of Israel has seen its Soweto.

Do you see people, this is what passes for intellegence on the left!

We are now at the watershed. There is no turning back. The state of Israel has raped the recognition of the world and shall have no peace until it lays down its arms.

Well, Israel would no doubt have peace if it laid down it's arms, however it would not be the utopian peace of the socialist imagination, it would be the subjugation of the Jews by Muslims and their resultant massacre! But that's ok, I'm sure Israel knows this commie means well.

Without defense, without skin

May spirit and word sweep away the apartheid walls of Israel. The state of Israel does not exist.

Ahhh, actually just because you hate it does not mean it does not exist, it's still there just look in your atlas!

It is now without defense, without skin. May the world therefore have mercy on the civilian population. For it is not civilian individuals at whom our doomsaying is directed.

I don't really get what this guy is trying to say here, is he saying let's not butcher the Jews when they are defenceless?

We wish the people of Israel well, nothing but well, but we reserve the right not to eat Jaffa oranges as long as they taste foul and are poisonous. It was endurable to live some years without the blue grapes of apartheid.

Good God, what is this thing about apartheid South Africa?

They celebrate their triumphs

We do not believe that Israel mourns forty killed Lebanese children more than it for over three thousand years has lamented forty years in the desert.

Again, this guy has lost me, I know it's anti Jewish, but he's rambling now!

We note that many Israelis celebrate such triumphs like they once cheered the scourges of the Lord as "fitting punishment" for the people of Egypt.


(In that tale, the Lord, God of Israel, appears as an insatiable sadist.)

Not a man of faith then?

We query whether most Israelis think that one Israeli life is worth more than forty Palestinian or Lebanese lives.

I don't know about you, but I think this guy is getting into the realms of the absurd here! Every group of people are always more affected by deaths amoungst their own, then of outsiders, truthfully I don't lose sleep when there is an landslide in the Philipines killing hundreds, as terrible as that may be for those involved. I sincerely don't care when there is a train crash in India killing dozens, as much as that is painful for those in India. So are Israelis supposed to feel others pain more acutely then anyone else does? Why only the Jews?

For we have seen pictures of little Israeli girls writing hateful greetings on the bombs to be dropped on the civilian population of Lebanon and Palestine.

What a moron! These girls were writing stuff to the terrorists that these bombs were dropped on, these girls has been living under Hizbollah bombardment and so I think it is quite fitting that the victims of Hizbollah write their greetings to the terrorists on the bombs!

Little Israeli girls are not cute when they strut with glee at death and torment across the fronts.

So the Jews are the only people who can not want vengeance for evil? These Jews, are they supposed to be superhuman?

The retribution of blood vengeance

We do not recognize the rhetoric of the state of Israel. We do not recognize the spiral of retribution of the blood vengeance with "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

If this moron had ever read the Bible he would note that this thing about "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" was actually about justice, something socialists know very little about. The whole point was that if someone took out your eye, you could only go so far as to take his eye ie: you could not kill him or his family, proportionate justice is what that verse is about.

We do not recognize the principle of one or a thousand Arab eyes for one Israeli eye.

This guy does not seem to get that Hizbollah are a terrorist organ and not the Brownies!

We do not recognize collective punishment or population-wide diets as political weapons.

I recognise collective punishment! Germany was punished for allowing the NAZIS to rule, Japan was punished for following the orders of the military, and now Lebanon is being punished for allowing Hizbollah to thrive! Seems fair to me!

Two thousand years have passed since a Jewish rabbi criticized the ancient doctrine of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

He did no such thing, he was condemning the Pharasees and their legalistic implimentation of this verse.

He said: "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

It always get to me when these anti-Chritians, who spend half their time trying to distroy Christianity and the other half trying to distroy the Jews start waffling with scripture!

We do not recognize a state founded on antihumanistic principles and on the ruins of an archaic national and war religion.

As far as I knew, Islam was the war religion!

Or as Albert Schweitzer expressed it: "Humanitarianism consists in never sacrificing a human being to a purpose."

Funny you should say this, it was people such as yourselves who sacrificed tens of millions of people to the ideology of communism and socialism and Nazism!

Compassion and forgiveness

We do not recognize the old Kingdom of David as a model for the 21st century map of the Middle East.

Neither does Israel! If they claimed David's kingdom, it would include most of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria!

The Jewish rabbi claimed two thousand years ago that the Kingdom of God is not a martial restoration of the Kingdom of David, but that the Kingdom of God is within us and among us.

Here again this God hating athiest has the gall to quote scripture!

The Kingdom of God is compassion and forgiveness.

Something you can't extend to the Jews!

Two thousand years have passed since the Jewish rabbi disarmed and humanized the old rhetoric of war.

He did more then that commie!

Even in his time, the first Zionist terrorists were operating.

Sorry, Zionist terrorists? This guys fucking cheek is shameless!

Israel does not listen

For two thousand years, we have rehearsed the syllabus of humanism, but Israel does not listen.

He's talking bull shit again!

It was not the Pharisee that helped the man who lay in the wayside, having fallen prey to robbers. It was a Samaritan; today we would say, a Palestinian.

No, the reason he would be laying in the road is because of some 'Palestinian' suicide bomber had detonated himself and the man was blown out of a bus!

For we are human first of all -- then Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. Or as the Jewish rabbi said: "And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others?"

I like the way he denegrates Jesus with the 'Jewish rabbi' thing! So unlike socialists!

We do not accept the abduction of soldiers.

You don't accept it? But what are you going to DO about it?

But nor do we accept the deportation of whole populations or the abduction of legally elected parliamentarians and government ministers.

He makes reference to Israel arresting some of the Hamas government after Gilad Shalit was kidnapped! What a peice of shit this commie is, the Jews are condemned to suffer violence but they must never react? This is why Israel exists, because of shit heads like him!

We recognize the state of Israel of 1948, but not the one of 1967.

Why not, can't nations have land as right of conquest anymore, this is how history works!

It is the state of Israel that fails to recognize, respect, or defer to the internationally lawful Israeli state of 1948.

More nonsensical bull shit

Israel wants more; more water and more villages. To obtain this, there are those who want, with God's assistance, a final solution to the Palestinian problem.

There he goes, making reference to the holocaust, comparing the Jews to the NAZIS

The Palestinians have so many other countries, certain Israeli politicians have argued; we have only one.

Very good argument, I think!

The USA or the world?

Or as the highest protector of the state of Israel puts it: "May God continue to bless America." A little child took note of that. She turned to her mother, saying: "Why does the President always end his speeches with 'God bless America'? Why not, 'God bless the world'?"

Because, he is American! Not an internationalist communist!

Then there was a Norwegian poet who let out this childlike sigh of the heart: "Why doth Humanity so slowly progress?"

Because we don't want to live in a communist, athiest, police state!

It was he that wrote so beautifully of the Jew and the Jewess. But he rejected the notion of God's chosen people. He personally liked to call himself a Muhammedan.

Ok, let me get this straight a Muslim condemns the Jews in a poem! Big fucking deal, they do that every day!

Calm and mercy

We do not recognize the state of Israel. Not today, not as of this writing, not in the hour of grief and wrath. If the entire Israeli nation should fall to its own devices and parts of the population have to flee the occupied areas into another diaspora, then we say: May the surroundings stay calm and show them mercy. It is forever a crime without mitigation to lay hand on refugees and stateless people.

Here it is the call for the destruction of Israel, well being a wet socialist he would welcome the destruction of Israel and oh, those lucky Jews, he calls on the surrounding people to show mercy! Yeah right!

Peace and free passage for the evacuating civilian population no longer protected by a state.

Israel will not let this happen, because they know what will happen, bastards like you will stand on the side lines and as the Jews are slaughtered, you would write little peices saying how awful this all is and how we need to stop! Just like you're doing for those people in Darfur!

Fire not at the fugitives! Take not aim at them! They are vulnerable now like snails without shells, vulnerable like slow caravans of Palestinian and Lebanese refugees, defenseless like women and children and the old in Qana, Gaza, Sabra, and Chatilla.

What a peice of shit!

Give the Israeli refugees shelter, give them milk and honey!

Is this piece of shit taking the piss? This is disgusting!

Let not one Israeli child be deprived of life. Far too many children and civilians have already been murdered.

This is what goes as journalism in Norway! This diatribe of hate, of obvious ignorance, anti-Semitism and absurd nonsense! I'm just glad I don't live there!

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Jewboy said...

I am happy to condemn the arabs for attacking israel, and I acknowladge israel's right to defend itself, but not it's right to take the land of other countries. They should withdraw back to the 1967 boarders and stop stealing Arab lands and building on them, as far as I am concerned the muslims and jews both deserve each other as each thinks they have a divine right to slaughter the other. - good I hope they all suffer until they can learn how to have respect for other peoples.

Why are you so zionist you are not even Jewish? You are a Gentile and as such cannot go to heaven or be with God, but rather with satan because you are uncleen. You are not equal to us in God's eyes and your life is not worth one Jewish life.

If you want to be so Zionist perhaps you should convert to become Jewish and go and live in israel and hopefully be bombed by Hezbolla.

This norwegian is a socialist piece of shit like you say.