Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Islam : The religion of paranoia!

One quarter of 'British' Muslims beleive that the July 7th attacks last year are justified because of Britain's involvement in the War on Terror! 48 per cent said they "strongly disagreed" with the attacks and 17 per cent said they did not know.

How can you not know whether you support killing commuters? Surely you are either all for it or dead against it?

Half said the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy between the United States and Israel!


And to think, this is the mainstream in 'our' Islamic 'community!

A third said they would rather live under Sharia law in the UK than British law!


I have a nifty idea, GO HOME!

If you are this detached from reality you would fit in well with the Pakis and Afghans and Somalis, GO HOME, we don't want you here, never really did and after what we have seen over the past 6 years we defintely don't want you anymore!


40 per cent say this is a country of bad moral behaviour, and 66 per cent say parents allow their children too much freedom!

Freedom, what do they know about that??

Although, I must agree with them that this country is immoral, but a part of this senseless attitude is reflected in our passive mood toward immigration, we don't care who we fuck, we don't care how much we drink, how many drugs we snort, how many abortions are committed and we also don't care how many savages from the third world we allow in!

This is all a part of our 'couldn't give a toss' attitude!

But, and this is a big but, these are OUR problems, not theirs, so to avoid having to lower thmselves to be with us, they can FUCK OFF back to Durka-Durkastan or wherever they come from!

Muslims, listen, we don't like you, we don't want you here and we never trusted you, so FUCK OFF!

There, that feels better!

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Jewboy said...

Yes, I quite agree.

Anyone who follows the koran does not share our civilised values and should fuck off back to the shit holes they come from where they (hopefully) will be killed and tortured by their governments - which is what they deserve.

They can rape and kill as much as they like in their home countries - i have absolute respect for their 'civilisations' and no intention of interfering with them - so long as they keep it out of here!

Or better still we could start punishing criminals for their crimes here and then they would either behave, fuck off or be put away so we don't have to put up with them any more. If the prison population becomes too big we can reintroduce the death penalty for all 'unreformable criminals'.

Yes, even a monkey could figure this out, but it seems that is too much for the british people and a few million immigrants and blacks.