Monday, August 07, 2006

Israel's brave men and women


crush41 said...

I only wish they'd use more airpower and be ostensibly less concerned about a PR war that they just can't win. Neuter Hezbollah and Assad will get the idea. Maybe the Iranian mullahs will, too.

Gattina said...

I can only say poor kids they are used as weapon food. Why don't the politicians fight themselves in a nice arena for example. That would be fun for the whole world and at least innocent boys and girls no matter what nationlity, could go out and party instead of carrying around these awfull things and sweating in uniforms !

A Free Man said...

Well Gattina, that could not work, People want to defend their nations, countries and peoples. Israel has been under seige since 1948 and so every able bodied man and woman must do national service.

Israelis are proud when in uniform, it is one of the things which unites all Israelis, national service is the great leveler you could say.

Gattina said...

I don't agree AT ALL with you ! Of course everybody wants to defend his territory, but not with weapons ! Or do you stabb somebody because he wants your parking space ? There is also the diplomatic way. And don't talk for all Isralis ! I have many jewish friends and they won't agree at all with you. They don't like uniforms and don't think at all that this unites the Israelis. They are only worried about their families living there. You are only 25 where is this hate you have in you coming from ? Why don't you go there wear your beloved uniform and get killed ? Instead of talking for all Jews ?
If one day you would have a son would you send him in a war ? Even politicians (or exactly the politicians) don't do this. Their children are always in a safe place.
It was wrong in the first place to give jews a land in the middle of arabic countries ! All this would never had happened. There are so many nice places over the world.
Have you ever thought about being a Libanese or whatever and having since the beginning of the new Testament THE ennemy in front of your nose ? They are exactly doing what YOU said : "people want to defend their nations, countries and people". If you were born on the other side you would say exactly the same about Israel. Learn to be objectif it's still time.
By the way now that you have, nice for you, a subject to pester about, I also red your post about Europe and you made me laugh. In which world have you been born too ? I seriously ask myself what your parents did do to you a brainwash ? As you probably know, I am german, married to an italian, having a dutch daughter in law, living in Belgium since over 45 years and my son is domiciliated and living in London. Tell me which country should I choose ? So I am an EUROPEAN and proud to be.

A Free Man said...

Well, it may surprise you to know my parents, as much as I love them as socialists. I came to beleive what I do by learning, by much study, by arguments with many people of different oppinions.

Israel has every right to exist. And yes if I were Muslim I may be a terror supporter, however I do not allow people to thinl for me!

I used to be a pacifict marxist, I questioned why? And realised because my parents were.

All that I beleive is from experience and study, not forced on my by anyone!

I hope my sons do join the army, I would be proud of them!

I don't know what you mean by the whole where were you born!

I was born in Ireland, I am Irish, but live and work in England.

I am ethnically European, I am not a European in the political sense.

The Euro project is a foolish project launched by egotist politicians who want to get rich and have high office without the bother of being elected.

I think the fact that you don't know who you would fight for if it came to that is part of the problem in modern Europe, we are told by our leaders not to love ones nation or country, we are told to embrace Europe!

How do I hate? I admit I don't think much for our political elites, thats true. I despise the EU and the UN for their amorality and corruption, I hate Islam as a religion of hate, war and supremacy, but I don't hate most Muslims, only the ones that try to kill me or other bystanders.

I think you need to take a look at your belief and ask yourself, why do I beleive what I do, when did I start to beleive this, how did I come to beleive this?

I have already done this, that is why I beleive what I now do!

Anonymous said...

to the pacifist: perhaps you can try out defending yourself "without weapons" when the islamist decide you are to die. let me know how it works out...

Tuxu said...

Gattina, My heart goes out to your view of the world and to the way you wish to solve diffrences, however, is there a peacefull way to rid your house of a thife? every side in the conflict see the other as a thief. one man once said that when you merry a women to be your wife she will always by exactly that, your wife, even if 10 man violated her against her will while you were a way, she is still your wife. that's how we, the jewish-israeli see that story. our land was taken forcefully and violated by countless nations most of them consider themselves at the time enlightened and progresive nations, we saw in them nothing but brutal children. We seek not war nor strife, we shun vengence and avoid it. As a nation, our most sacred devine law is to cultivate love and friendship but I ask you or any other: is there a peacefull way to rid your house of a thife? If there is a way please make it knowen.
Respectfuly, Tuxu.