Saturday, August 05, 2006

The world supports Hizbollah!

With a few noble exeptions, the world supports Hizbollah! Why?

It seems perverse that anyone could support a murderous, barbaric group of wicked men with seared consciences. These men are filled with hate, they are not a liberation orginisation, they are not freedom fighters!

You always hear that stupid expression 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'

I have always hated this moronic expression! It is obvious who is the terrorist, who is the freedom fighter! Hizbollah, the 'party of Allah' is a terrorist group, simple!

They are funded by Iran, inspired by that evil man Mohammed, and committed to killing the Jews. There was a pro-Hizbolah demonstration in London today! Can you beleive that? Last year we were living in fear of terrorists, Hizbollah was probably quite cheerful at the thought of us living in fear, and now, some of the same people who were living in fear are condemning Israel?

Some people amaze me with their ignorance!

Israel needs to distroy Hizbollah, in fact I think the Israelis have been to nice! Far to nice, Damascus should be being bombed by now, Israeli soldiers should be laying seige to Damascus, missiles should be pounding Iran, no more Mr nice Jew!

The Jews have been under seige since 1948, they are hated by the world, yet, they are stupendously successful, Israel should not take any prisoners, Israel cannot afford to appease any more, Israel needs to annex the West Bank and Gaza, expell the Arabs and to hell with public oppinion, who will stop them? Syria? Jordan? Saudi? Egypt?

No one, Israel is only as weak as they allow themselves to be, it is a matter of will. Does Israel have the will to survive and thrive? I hope so.


Anonymous said...

hey bwoy..... gwaan wit your ignorance!..... NAZI SCUM!

A Free Man said...

Looks like you must be a socialist

Its a giveaway with your spelling!

Gattina said...

I think you are not an objective person and far too young to judge anybody. Did you ever read the Coran ? Or the christian bible or the talmud ? No Jesuses, Gods or Mohameds ever wanted war ! They are an "holy" excuse for men. All this wouldn't have happened, if after the second world war the jewish people were given another place in the world and not in a muslem country. Do you know that already during the cruisades it was almost the same situation and that was in 1013 !
It is very nice of you to be so concerned but you cannot change the world and especially not with this hate which is in you.
Try to enjoy life you are 25 !

A Free Man said...

I have read the Koran, that is why it scares me that people say Islam is a religion of peace when I read things like 'kill the unbeleiver wherever ye find them'

I have also read the Bible, both testaments, God ordered Joshua to wage war against the Caananites, which he did. Mohammed instigates raids against trading caravans, he killed men raped women and enslaved and sold those he didn't kill or rape. Mohammed was a monster.

Israel deserves this land, it was given to them thousands of years ago and they were expelled from their lands 200 years ago by the Romans. This is their ancestral land.

A Free Man said...

One can't enjoy life when one sees ones culture and religion denegrated, desecrated, spat on and trampled by barbarians.

Moobear said...

I normally do not use words like this, but young man your blog is out and out plain ole BULLSHIT!
God Bless You and forgive me!

Anonymous said...

said the liberal "christian" woman that has a bunch of Elvis demons in her...