Monday, September 18, 2006

Police blame Pope for Islamic hate, Muslims call for Pope's death outside Catholic Cathedral!

Interestingly, but predictably, British police are calling what is happening as 'the result of the recent comments made by the Pope about Islam', at the same time Muslims scream death to Catholics and the Pope outside Westminster Catholic Cathedral as the faithful exited after Mass.

"Unfortunately after Mass today at Westminster Cathedral it was shoved in my face. Holy Mass on a Sunday is the very source and summit of the Catholic week, so my family decided this Sunday to make the trip to Westminster Cathedral together. As we came out about 100 Islamists were chanting slogans such as "Pope Benedict go to Hell" "Pope Benedict you will pay, the Muja Hadeen are coming your way" "Pope Benedict watch your back" and other pretty hateful things. I'll post more pictures of it when I get more free time. It was a pretty nasty demonstration. From 11 - 3pm they chanted absurd things, literally just outside the Cathedral. And from 11- 3pm (and indeed all day, every day) like every day of the week, faithful Catholics and non-Catholics (mainly tourists) wondered in and out of the magnificent Church, largely ignoring the furore of hatred this crowd of muslims was trying to stir up."

As with the cartoon demonstrations of hate, the police stood by and did sweet fuck all, indeed they came out with the same pathetic excuses that they came out with at the cartoon demonstrations: "There were about 100 police around and about keeping an eye on things and video recording the protestors. I asked if they'd be prosecuted, and the policeman sounded edgey. He said they'd been warned about their behaviour already but arresting any of them might just fuel them up ever more."

This is disgusting! And it is happening now, in London!

I have decided to buy meself some rosary beads and carry them around as a form of protest, it's not much, but it is a start!


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Bubba's Pravda said...

A book by Bruce Bawer, "While Europe Slept", is a more in-depth look at the mindset that we are contending with. Instead of the west responding with one voice to the Islamofascists, we are neutered by the Kumbaya chorus out of the EU and the UN. How do these institutions affect US citizens. The Liberal Elite thirst for approval from the members of these two organizations.

I am utterly amazed at the lack of understanding the Lefties have of the Islamists. They seem to be willfully blind. Wakie, Wakie! The Islamofascists are using you and your moral equivalence doctrine to further entrench themselves in western culture. If you keep expecting the Islamists to stop their hate and voice their love and admiration for liberal democracy and personal liberty, you are deceiving yourselves. OPEN YOUR EYES!

This is not hysteria. This is reality. They see us as the demons. Not just conservatives. EVERY non-islamist is a demon. It is not a religion of peace. It never, EVER, has been. Read your history. Read about the Jews and Christians and their treatment in these societies both today and over the centuries.

Look up the terms: dhimmi, jizyah, and taqiyya. Learn. The average Muslim on the streets of Europe believes that the Quran is supreme over the laws of Europe. Research what honor killings are. Research the practice of vaginal mutilation. These people are absolutely devout (insane).

To claim moral equivalence between Christians and Muslims is absurd. Do you see Christians en masse screaming for blood? Christians demanding death? The truthful answer is no. Madonna is going to desecrate the cruxifiction of Christ in an upcoming event. Christians around the world will be disgusted. But, Christians around the world will not declare a Fatwah on Madonna. It won't happen. Ever!

Bubba's Pravda

A Free Man said...

I have read 'While Europe Slept'

It is a great great, a scary read!

shane said...

bubba its because that noone who is muslim will stand for anyone who will disrespect islam...and noone who is muslim will ever disrespect islam