Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are you serious!

I am disturbed, when Barrack (shithead) Obama declared his interest in running for the presidency, I asssumed it was just his overly zealous ego, that saw himself as president, but he seems to be genuinely popular in America!

Are you guys serious! Hillary would be a safer more sane bet then this anti-American, half caste, Islamic apostate, who knows no real loyalty to you! He is half African, was educated in a madrasah in Indonesia, had a Muslim step father and quelle suprise is anti-war!

I really hope that this is only some passing fad, because if he did end up in the White House, America would no longer even be capable of trying to be serious.


Flanders Fields said...

Obama is a shield for Hillary. He is too establish boundries to the extreme left, so that her ardent leftism looks more acceptable. There is, of course, no one further left than Hillary, who is the doctrinaire leader of the politburo of candidates. The Supreme Anti-American council can't let the masses be aware of that, can they?

Anonymous said...

you are a sad racist puke