Thursday, February 22, 2007

Time Magazine!

This morning I had the pleasure of catching the headline on Time's European edition, It read 'Getting Along - The many faces of Europe'!

There were six people pictured, one was a Black African male, another was a Chinese man, yet another an Indian Woman in Hindu garb, another woman (I presume it is a woman, may just be a terrorist fleeing the country!) In a burqa and then as a sop to us whiteys there is one white man and one white woman!

Now, apparently the population of Europe is about 800 millions give or take a few million and thats if one considers Russia as part of Europe! There are about 25 millions to 35 million 'ethnics' not two thirds as this picture implies!

Having my curiosity aroused, I have gone onto Time's website to read what I could not bring myself to do earlier, I read the article! Oh my God!

The opener is great!

Two middle-aged women wearing hijabs chat to each other in Arabic as they walk down the street. Ahead of them is a Muslim bookstore, displaying DVDs by imams and books with titles like Scientific Miracles in the Koran. On one corner there's a halal butcher shop; around another, a music store that sells only Arab music. Someone has plastered posters advertising a concert by the Moroccan musician Daoudi. But this isn't Morocco. This is France.
One is inspired by the richness of the other culture, is one not?

The writer, a Mr Jamana Farouky (I may be over reacting, or perhaps I'm just a racist, Islamophobic, xenophobe, but this guy sounds suspiciously like a Muslim) then sets out 5 things that Europe needs to do to integrate it's 'ethnics'

Save the veils

Yes apparently we should embrace this sign of Mohammedan oppression as 'European'?

Mr Farouky goes on to write 'European governments need to recognize that Islam — like all religions — is an integral part of the European identity'

I will stop you there Mr Farouky, Islam has never been European, it has always been at odds with Europe, it has always been a tyrant to us, a conquerer, an invader, a foreign thing. Hinduism, Budhism, Taoism, Jainism et al, were unknown to us for mellenia, Judaism, although having birthed Christianity was known by us, but has also never been completely European, Christianity and the pre Christian pagan religions are the only religions native to us, do not, Mr Farouky, presume to tell us who we are!

2. Get a Better View From the Top

Translate this as give more government jobs to foreigners!

"Political parties may need to use what people might consider unorthodox methods to accelerate their own integration," says Trevor Phillips, head of Britain's Commission for Equality and Human Rights. "They might try to ensure they have proportionate regional representation in their candidates. Or they might say that every candidate short list has to have at least one person who isn't white on it. You can't force people onto constituencies, but you can compel parties to think about their responsibilities."

This is my county, not some fucking Arab's or some fucking African who just got off the boat, this is my country, and I will not allow these foreign fucks to rule over me or mine!

3. Push People Up

'The biggest source of conflict in a multicultural society isn't segregation, race or religion — it's money.'

Here we get to the reality of this fucking Muslim's argument, he wants my money, he wants me to pay even more taxes so he and his 'people', those lazy fucking Arabs can sit on their arses all day doing fuck all whilst spending my money and trying to fuck white women.

Well, I have news for this piece of Islamic pig shit, go fuck yourself, or if you prefer your son or your daughter, go fuck off to that hole you crawled out of and stop fucking me off, you saw what the Serbs did to the Muslims in the Balkans? Well, Mr Farouky, the Serbs are true Europeans, they were only stopped because some fucking dozy liberal fuck stopped them (Clinton), the Americans can't stop all of Europe from 'cleansing itself' some time in the future!

4. Make Immigration Smarter

Here he argues we should import some smart immigrants, surely this is an oxymoron! They are all as thick as pig shit as far as I can tell, some of them may have a 'degree' of some sort from the University of Lagos or the Polytechnic of Lusaka, but I somehow doubt that that means very much!

I have a better plan, deport the fuckers!

5. Think Locally, Act Locally

"Integration means building common ground rules on civility, and this happens on the local level. Cohesion is all about everyday interactions, in the supermarket or on the playground."
Yeah, he's rights there, every time I see them arguing in the supermarkets, my contempt for them grows, every time I see them leering at white women, my disgust for them expands, every time I see them I feel sick!

"Successful, long-lasting integration takes place in community clubs and children's play groups, bake sales and block parties. Programs don't have to be big or expensive; Kotler says Education Bradford runs its twinning scheme "on a shoestring." "This isn't woolly liberal multiculturalism," she says. "Yes, it's about respecting difference, but it's also about discovering what it means to live together and feeling O.K. with a sense of multiple identity." Because the only way for Europe to get over its identity crisis is to get used to the idea that there isn't just one."
Well, thats true! We have English, Welsh, French, German, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Serb, Greek, Czech, Swedish etc..., many forms of European, not just one!

However methinks she meant something different from my understanding of this!

This article seems an accurate description of our elites view of the world, this will be there undoing, they are traitors who have sold us down the river, no one is confused about their identity except those communist fucks at the top who some day I will enjoy beheading in Parliament Square!

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