Monday, February 26, 2007

Will America vote itself out of existence?

I thought our elites over here in Eutopia were cretinous enough, but apparently we are not alone!

The United States Congress will soon begin to debate a new immigration bill, called an 'amnesty' by some, which would ethnically and culturally transform America within a few decades!

Anepigone writes: 'Americans have too much earning power, think too critically, and expect too much rectitude from the leaders they elect. Replacing them with a more malleable, impoverished population that accepts a certain level of corruption as natural is a solution the executive and much of the legislative agree on:

Senators and lobbyists are putting the final touches on a comprehensive immigration-reform bill that includes an easier citizenship path for illegal aliens and weaker enforcement provisions than were in the highly criticized legislation that the Senate approved last year.'

This is I beleive what most world leaders want, they like the whole power trip thing, they love lording it over us, they want to remain in power, but dictatorship a la Stalin, is just so last century!

Today our leaders need to 'commit' themselves to the 'democratic process' and this is their downfall! We don't like scumbags or thieves running government!

Oh what to do, what to do? Should we be more honest? More reliable? More realistic? Naaah, lets be really brainy, lets invite third world animals into our country, big business will support us because they get cheap labour, the left will applaud it because they are made to hate themselves and to take pleasure in the replacement of their own culture. The others (read you and me, normal people) well they will keep quiet because we will have 'hate laws' in place preventing people from having negative opinions about the third world barbarians or the government policy that invited said barbarians to come here in the first place!

Everyone in a position of power is made to swear fealty to this new ideology, judges, police men, soldiers, doctors, nurses, teachers, the entire entertainment industry(to be fair they were always inclined to this sort of thinking anyway, shallow bastards that they are) Anyone who speaks out in opposition to the new ideology is smeared in the press, humiliated publically if not actually arrested and given a show trial (such as the Nick Griffin case here in the UK last year)

The great thing about the third world savages is that they vote for these slimy corrupt bastards whatever the circumstances. This is one reason why Labour has managed to stay in power over here, this is why Leftists are so powerful in France and Spain and the Netherlands and Belgium!

"In its original conception, the CIRA would've possibly allowed more than 200 million legal migrants into the US, most as 'temporary' workers (Orwellian speak for permanent peasants)."

This is unbelievable, the American elites are as lost as ours are! Can you imagine the sort of hellish world these people would create if not stopped?

I dearly hope America stops this, just as I hope Europe awakes once again, both of us are in trouble, both of us need to clear out the rubbish that has collected all about us in our slumber, we need to chase out the traitors that rule us and threaten us and steal (tax) from us!

Revolution may be necessary, it may be the only way to rid ourselves of the scum at the top and the bottom!

Vive La Guillotine!


Vanishing American said...

Good post.
Yes, our traitorous elected officials are trying their best to force this amnesty bill on us, despite the fact that most Americans are opposed to illegal immigration and the amnesty plan. They may just succeed in doing so; they hardly even bother to pretend to care what the majority of Americans think or want, despite the fact that 'we, the People' are supposedly the rightful source of power in our system. But as you and Audacious Epigone point out, the elites are feverishly working to elect themselves a new people, a people which will be easily bought off with government freebies.
You are right; all of us in the Western world are in the same predicament, and a lot of us here in the States are doing all we can to awaken our sleeping fellow citizens, before it's too late.

crush41 said...


It is depressing to watch and see if Europe or the US will go off the precipice first. While your underclass immigrants are certifiably more dangerous than ours, we have a lot more of them. While our native birthrate is a bit better than most of Europe, and we're a little younger, we both face erudite aging populations to be replaced by less intelligent foreigners.

Still, I'm hopeful. The sorts of discussions that used to be pushed to the fringes can no longer be ignored. People know who Tom Tancredo is. Nick Griffin has admirers in Los Angeles and in Sydney. Descendants of white Europeans are increasingly seeing how tribalistic how that can impact them, especially if they do nothing to counter it.

Stay strong across the Atlantic. Westerners need to stick together lest we hang separately.

Leo Pusateri said...

The world. Has. Gone. Mad.

To put it in psychological terms, the Stockholm syndrome is alive and well.