Friday, March 30, 2007

Weakness will be remembered!

15 British Royal Marines and sailors have been seized by Iranian 'pirates', the marines and sailors, don't fight, reasons unknown, but it is thought that the stringent rules of combat that have been dumped on servicemen in the area prevented them from fighting the Iranians so as 'not to heighten tension'.

Simply put our exalted leaders left these marines and sailors out on a limb, and not their own!

What was the response of the British armed forces? They did nothing. They could easily have persued the Iranians and rescued the men, but they stayed put and did nothing.

Tony Blair, the Queen's failed prime minister, couldn't find time to say anything about this for 3 days! Then he comes out and mouths some platitude about this being 'wrong'.

Forgive me, but does this government have any fucking clue about what it's supposed to be doing? Sorry they are too busy legalising more sexual perversions, super casinos and drugs, very important work that!

All these ministers from the prime down, are a shower of complete fucking idiots, not fit to run a market stall, and here they are making fools out of themselves again!

Well considering they failed to properly support our troops, then failed to order their rescue when that was possible, it has now become impossible to rescue them barring an invasion of that dark place.

Do we imagine that Blair with only a few more weeks could, even if he wanted (which I doubt) order an aggressive act against Iran to rescue these men?

What a fucking idiot, the sooner he goes, the better!

Unfortunately for the rest of us, national weakness/incompetence will be remembered long after he has left office!

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Leo Pusateri said...

The Left has succeeded in emasculating us.

There is no other possible explanation.