Friday, March 30, 2007

What is with the BBC?

In this hostage crisis, the BBC is proving itself to be a crucial ally of the Iranian regime.

Apparently the BBC used to be an organisation that helped it's own people in wars and such, in the second world war, the BBC reported as accurately as was possible without compromising national security, and also saw itself as 'British'!

Well, that was the past, now the BBC is I am sure shaming the Iranian state broadcaster in its grovelling to Ahmedinejad and the Mullahs in Tehran, See the following items taken from the BBC website:

1. Second sailor 'apologises' to Iran, now, although they put the apologises in quotation marks, they never in the story show any support for the hostages and take it at face value that they are apologising, they also in their broadcasts seem to be going out of their way to tell their viewers that the 'detained men' as they so quaintly put it are being treated very well by the Iranians and seem to spend little time in explaining that these men were not in Iranian waters leaving the viewer with the impression that these men were in fact in Iranian waters.

2. Britain and Iran raise the stakes. Typical BBC 'neutrality' here, so it's both Britain and Iran the are raising the stakes is it? It's not the Iranians who are to blame is it? Well, the BBC seems to think that would be a value judgement too far, although the BBC were quick to condemn Bush for the 'Katrina disaster' in New Orleans and Rumsfeld of the 'torture' of Abu Ghraib. Odd they condemn the West and let the Ayatollahs off scott free?

But this is only part of the trend at the BBC, they no longer see themselves as British, they belong to the 'world', I'm sure they would love to rename themselves the GBC (Global Broadcasting Corporation) as they show more loyalty to various third world despots then they do to the nation that pays for them through their Licence Tax!


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crush41 said...

I listen to the BBC at night through NPR (National Public Radio). It has an anti-Western slant that is more severe than most of what is put out on the major networks stateside. It's almost comical, really. I find myself talking to the termagent who can't even read her que cards, pointing out all the relevant information she fails to mention.