Monday, May 07, 2007

Elections 2007

The local English elections have resulted in one gain for the BNP!

That is out if 10,000 local seats throughout the country, not exactly what one would call impressive no matter how the BNP spins it!

What has shocked me, is the amount of people still willing, and seemingly eager to vote for Labour!

I thought everone hated Labour for the 'War'? Or not spending enough on the 'elf service or not allowing in enough immigrants?

But I suppose all those hypocrites always intended to vote Labour anyway. I heard one man on the news say, that he voted Labour, because he has always voted Labour and always will!

What a fucking idiot!

Get an immagination!

So, in brief, nothing much has changed here, except in Scotland, although how much it has changed we shall have to see, as the SNP are chronic lefties themselves.

France has been a bit more interesting, Nicholas Sarkozy is now President elect, who will take over on the 16th May, he has run a good campaign, and a seemingly honest campaign. If he keeps to his word France may be in for a few momentus years ahead!

In America, the whole Presidential race is terminally boring, even the ones I assumed would be of some interest such as Guiliani are conspicious by their invisibility!

What I beleive Britain and America need, is some sort of proportional voting system, it would turn these boring contests into something more exiting, it would also give us more people to vote for without having to waste our votes!


Anonymous said...

heard one man on the news say, that he voted Labour, because he has always voted Labour and always will!

That's how it is here too unfortunately. People tend to keep sticking to their same old stupid parties. At least you have a BNP. We need an alternative here in the States. I think there is a "Loyalist party" which most people don't know about. It's sad.
And yes, it's all so boring.

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