Thursday, May 17, 2007

War with Iran? Pull the other one!

I've been reading with interest, over the past few days, some fevered speculation that we are near war with Iran!

The Telegraph ran a headline stating "We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb", this was followed up with assessments of Iran's response, and the growing Iranian nuclear threat.

Front Page Magazine, has a report stating that Iran has "Crossed a Red Line", I get the distinct impression that some are thinking that this is the time to go to war, perhaps to introduce 'democracy to Iran'?

Well, even if the Americans, Israelis or someone in coalition with others (which is highly unlikely) attacks Iran, it will not fall as easily as Iraq, for one main reason, the disastrous policies applied to Iraq since 2003!

I was never one to believe in the whole WMD thing, the 45 minute danger that Blair announced in the House of Commons seemed to me at best an exaggeration, I was shocked people fell for that, but never mind!

I did support the invasion of Iraq, for 2 reasons, the status quo was untenable, we had besieged Iraq for over a decade without any noticeable effect on Saddam or the Ba'athists, we could either go in and get rid of him, or rehabilitate him and let him ship the oil and be a 'good boy', we took the war path, mistakenly many would now say! I also supported it for the reason that we need to secure our future supplies of oil, reserves around the world are being depleted, the Middle East offers the only consistently large supply of oil for the foreseeable future.

But instead of kicking Saddam out and securing another friendly man in power, before leaving, or retreating to our military camps allowing the Iraqi armed forces to deal with the newly formed insurgency, we decide to introduce 'democracy' in to the Middle East.

Not that this is an evil thing, I'm sure some of the men in the White House had visions of flowers and dancing children, tidy towns and cities made in the image of America, except with darker people, mosques instead of churches and funny writing.

But, this dream must surely have been smashed by now? The only reason we should go into another nation is for selfish national reasons, hey if it works out well for the nation being invaded, great! If not, tough!

America and the West should not be in the business of 'helping' other peoples and nations for the sake of being 'nice', the truth is, we are not in that business, but to make our realpolitik look nice and friendly in this sentimental, childish age, our political leaders knowing us to be sentimental, ignorant and childish sign on to this lie, it becomes vital in this 'democratic' age! This is one of the joys of 'democracy', that concept we are told that is the panacea for all the ills of the world!

(If only Zimbabwe, Congo, Nigeria and Iran would introduce democracy, the world would be a beautiful place, oh wait, they do have elections...)

Some actually talk themselves into believing it and I'm sure some do actually believe this 'democracy' crock!

Democracy is an ideology that has outlived its usefulness anyway, it does not even work here in the West, how the hell is it going to work in the Middle East?

This disaster in Iraq must not be repeated, all the reasons (except to resolve the untenable situation re: the sanctions) to go to war in 2003 have been missed, no not missed ruined, Iraq is not producing more oil, it is costing America billions every year, this war has backfired to a huge degree, every bad mistake seems to have been made, and now we are being told we need to go to war with Iran?

Well, if someone else were to do so, then yeah sounds great, but what will the American people think? What will Europe think?

No one will fight! If they do, they will lose just as we've done in Iraq.

Any politician that makes a case for war with Iran whether he is genuine or not, will be under huge pressure by the left, he will be smeared and libeled, and will most probably lose power, hounded out by friends of Islam and those lefties who always love to hound out people they disagree with!

War with Iran? yeah right!

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