Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank God, Blair is going!

But does it mean the beginning of the end of the New Labour project?

Lets hope so!

I always found it odd, that anyone, anywhere could actually like Blair, trust him or think him a decent normal guy! I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but since his election as Labour leader 1994, with his fake smile, hideous wife, jeans and all the other signs of someone who does not take the position of the Queen's prime minister very seriously, I have loathed him and all he stands for!

My prejudice was further entrenched by a book by Leo Mckinstry, a former socialist, who wrote Fit to Govern? in 1996, one year before Blair's landslide victory in 1997.

I told people about Blair, I told them about his lies, the constitutional vandalism he was waiting to unleash, I told them about his europhilia, his stupid, craven crawling to public oppinion!

No one listened!

When he won, I assumed that he wouldn't last, surely now the people would see through this paper cutout of a man?

No, they moaned, but kept on voting for him!

He joined America in bombing another nation, without UN approval, no not Iraq, Serbia, and no one cared!

He sends troops into a failed African state and keeps them there for years, again, no one cares!

He, rapes the constitution of the United Kingdom, with little real response, the glorious and unelected House of Lords, a place that usually is more in step with reality and common sense then the elected House of Commons, was stripped of the old Dukes, Earls, Barons and Marquess', now we are left with a wholly appointed House of Lords (no prizes for guessing who appointed them)

Blair made treason his bedfellow and guide, he wantonly and without recall to our glorious dead, gave away more and more of the ancient liberties of England to those prostitutes in Brussels.

His mistress was the infantile media, he courted it, charmed it and led it any which way he choose, he hoodwinked them and through them many people in this land.

He stood by, and actively participated in the looting of this nation, he took the pensions of the old, he stealthily taxed us, more and more, and then, in two joyous weeks, the people rose up against him and his tyranny, the Fuel Protests of 2000, restored my faith in the people of this land.

But he lied and spinned his way out of that one, infuriatingly, he not only survived, he went on to win the general election of 2001!

His Friends, were liars, adulterers, sodomites, thieves and knaves, they plundered the country, parading their depravity before all to see, they show no shame, no repentance when they are caught, no regret at the damage they have caused, indeed, they claim to have brought a new renaissance to what was a blighted nation!

They have allowed millions of illegals into this country(this is an island, how difficult can it be to secure our borders?) they have allowed these animals to trample over the indigenous people of these islands, they have appeased terrorists at every juncture, seeming to gain pleasure at this appeasement.

This group of sodomites and thieves thinks it quite normal to corrupt and weaken the police forces in this country by accusing them of 'institutional racism' and then to expect that same police force (sorry 'service') to meet a raft of 'targets' to make Britain safe again.

Targets are introduced into the Health Service, Police, Home Office and Immigration. No longer do constables, nurses, civil servants or Immigration officers do their jobs, they fill in forms, justifying their existence to this government of thieves and sodomites!

When targets are not met, the thieves and sodomites change the targets and declare a target achieved, they dumb down exams in schools and with bare faced cheek, they proclaim that children today are better educated then they were even ten or twenty years ago.

This government of knaves and sodomites parades all the failures of the past decade in front of us and declare it a victory! They expect us to celebrate with them, indeed, if we do not celebrate with them, they criminalise us and imprison us in goals filled with immigrant scum, the same scum who came here as refugees and were never deported!

They mock God with their 'gay marriage', they mock us with their failed and ruinous policies.

Anthony Blair did to his credit stand by America after the September 11th attacks in 2001, but even here, he has failed, he has failed to wage war with a lions heart, he has appeased Islam and given it the chance to thrive in this ancient Christian nation.

Thank God he is going, for he has been there far too long, no good came of him, only degredation, and decay.


Jack's Shack said...

How do you really feel about Blair. ;)

Leo Pusateri said...

I know Blair is a socialist, and that is good for no nation; but from this side of the pond, we viewed him as a staunch ally.

You say that he continually bowed to public opinion; yet despite a mountain of public opinion against it, he stood with us in Iraq, at least as much as any leader outside of the United States.

You certainly have your legitimate reasons for disliking the guy; but IMO, on the international stage, he's been a cut above the rest.

Fidothedog said...

Brilliant. Totally brilliant. You have that shifty little spiv blair nailed spot on.

A Free Man said...


I hate what Blair has done to this nation, he has degraded it, made it more depraved, given a lease of life to the perverts, rascals and thieves.

History I'm sure will condemn him as the vacuous political prostitute that he is.


I did mention Blair had stood by America after September 11th, but this does not undoe the damage he has caused elsewhere.

He has not persued this war with the vigour it needed. He has been complacent and lazy, starving the armed forces of money and equipment instead soending it on a failed heath service and illegal immigrants, many who hate this country.

He is a failure!

Leo Pusateri said...

At any rate, I feel a huge debt of gratitude is owed Britain by the U.S.

Your soldiers did a bang-up job, and we were happy to have them!

Yeah, I know that you don't like Blair, and you have more than ample reasons; but I'd trade socialist Blair for any of our collection of socialists any day of the week.

At least Blair seemed to have a clue as far as the Islamist threat, and was willing to do something about it. Whether what he did was enough is certainly up for debate; but again, from this side of the pond, compared with our socialists, Blair looked positively Reaganesque.