Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Whats so great about democracy?

Blair, Bush, Brown and all the others 'leaders' make a big huh hah over something called 'democracy' or 'democratic rights', it sounds great if you don't think to hard!

What the hell's democracy anyway?

This present government was elected with about a quarter of the national vote, but got well over half the seats. Is that democracy?

This government has signed numerous European Treaties into law without asking the people of this nation. Is that democracy?

They abolished the old pound shillings and pence without consulting the people, they foisted the metric system on us, and prosecute traders who sell in pounds and ounces, even though no one thinks in kilograms! Is that your precious democracy?

This government and previous governments have allowed millions, yes that's right, millions of immigrants and refugees to pour into the nation in what can only be describes as a slow motion government sponsored genocide of the indigenous peoples of these islands. Is this democracy?

Democracy is in fact a weasel word! It is meaningless! Democracy can be anything you want it to be, as proved by this current government and their sleazy ways of doing things.

Democracy is a cover for the criminal and coward, it gives a fig leaf of respectability when they are up to no good. They just claim, 'this is democracy in action', 'this is the will of the people' etc, etc...

The fact that I can scrawl a mark on a piece of paper every 5 years means shit! What a big fucking deal, that really makes a fucking difference! And if you think it does make a difference, you are delusional!

At most it makes minor changes now and then, the real power in this nation is the propaganda, used, harnessed and marketed by amoral prostitutes such as Rupert Murdoch, who is only out to make yet more money( this is the guy who renounced his citizenship, so he could take up American citizenship to own a few rags and Fox)

They could not care less who is in power, as long as they are good for business! It seems strange, in 1997, the press, the entire press was going through some sort of religious experience with regards Tony Blair, I was convinced Labour would annihilate the Tories, and then they did.

What was not told was that Blair got less votes nationwide in 1997 then Major got in 1992. 14,093,007 for Major in 1992 and Blair's 1997 landslide of 13,518,167, not to worry, this story was buried as it would not fit in with the media induced anti-Tory atmosphere!

That would be hard to do now as we have this fine medium to garner news and information from, but back then, the internet was used exclusively for porn.

Remember it is perception that wins out!

Democracy, what a crock of shit, it has abolished capital punishment, legalised abortion, liberalised divorce, decriminalised homosexuality, joined the European Union, signed up to the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights. Democracy resulted in the legalised sodomising of 16 year olds, pot smoking junkies on every corner, tens of thousands of Gypsies begging and thieving in every city centre, Somalian teenaged boys, running around in gangs robbing and raping all around them, Muslims preaching death to the infidel and detonating themselves on public transport.

This is democracy, this is what it is! Every single thing mentioned above was qualified when passed, when capital punishment was abolished, they promised us that 'life would mean life', they lied, life now means 5 years in prison, murder actually pays in this country!

When abortion was passed, they vowed it was a very limited type of abortion, only those women who were physically unable or who were mentally unable would be allowed abort a child, they lied here too. We now effectively have abortion on demand.

When they decriminalised homosexuality, they said it would not be the thin end of the wedge, that this was a humane thing to do, perhaps, but with this they lied and betrayed us too. We now have gay marriage, gay adoption and 40 year old men sodomising 16 year old boys.

Immigration is something we have been lied to by these cynical fucks for the past 40 years. Some parts of this country are no longer British, they have minarets towering over the streets, women walking about in shawls or burqas. We have white women being raped, or just shagged by these ethnics and then left when they fall pregnant. We have whole streets strewn with filth and rubbish like some Algerian casbah. Gypsies, everywhere, with their filthy nasty offspring they beg on the corners and on the underground, they pick pocket and thieve, and when caught they wipe vaginal fluids on the police officers so as to make an allegation of sexual assault latter on. These politicians, these democratically elected politicians lied to us about this too, they assured us that immigration would be controlled.

These democratically elected politicians lied, lied and lied again. This in a democracy!

Perhaps it's time we had a bit more aristocracy or monarchy?

The House of Lords has always been more sensible then that other house, the house of scoundrels and liars and thieves. The house of Lords worked and worked well because they were not elected, they did not have to make vacuous statements, they did not have to make promises that they would break, they did not even have to turn up if they did not have the interest, they went unpaid with no offices. How glorious is that? A house full of people there not through lies and theft and cheating and party hackery, but there because of an accident of birth, some plonkers yes, but they usually did not bother to ever turn up, but the great minds, the decent men who would never have otherwise spoken in Parliament or stood for election as they had lives to live and did not have to temerity to lie so readily.

Well, that house of thieves and scum has chased out the decent house, no more hereditary peers, no more unelected Dukes or Barons or Earls, good men, decent patriotic men who attempted to revise the worst legislation vomited up from the lower house, they also had great and honest debates regarding the great issues of the day, something the rightly entitled lower house would never deign to debate!

What is so great about democracy?

I really can only think of waste, lies and wickedness unbound from their stained and immoral hands.

Democracy, it's an expensive destructive lie!

I wish for my liberty, the freedom to live as I wish, democracy and democratically elected politicians are in direct opposition to this aim.

The best thing for us all would be to abolish the House of Commons, and restore the House of Lords in all its former glory and power!

Then perhaps we can rest and live our lives as we would, knowing their lordships are directing the affairs of state with wisdom and humility not lying to us, not sleezing about for votes not steeling from us!

Let the cry be heard, Abolish the Commons!


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youdontknowme said...

I just think we need more democracy and not less. Parliament should have less power and normal citizens should bwe able to decide what happens in citizens initiatives. We also shouldn't have to wait 5 years for a change of government. We should have recall elections and citizens should be able to call for a vote of no confidence on the government.

Dr. Evil said...

I believe in fascism with myself as the dictator!

Professor Posiblay said...

Oh, they still steal from you, no matter how rich and powerful they already are. They just don't need to so much.

The trick is in limiting how much booty they control without your immediate approval. Keep them on a short leash and whip them frequently.