Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Democratic State!

An intersting quote I found, if you replace 'Republican' with Conservative and 'Democrat' with Labour, it could be talking about England!

The Republican party is thought to be the party of free enterprise, small government, and family values. It is actually the party of state capitalism.

The Democratic Party is thought to be the party of the common people. It is actually the party of international finance and elitist social engineering.

Federal aid is thought to have improved public education. It has actually made it worse.

Federal expenditures on medical care are thought to have made it more available. They have actually only made it more expensive.

The mass media are thought to be vigilant watchdogs of government abuse. They are actually lackeys of power.

College professors are thought to exemplify bold and independent thinking. Actually, aside from the productive 5 percent, they are timid, conformist, and unoriginal.

Federal judges are thought to be steeped in the wisdom of the Constitution. They actually know less than nothing about the real American Founding.

It is widely believed that, as stated in a recent Congressional resolution, American slavery was among the most brutal systems of servitude in history. Actually it was among the mildest.

It is widely believed that any symptoms of social dysfunction in the black community are a result of slavery. Actually, the problems are worse the farther they are from the time and place of slavery.

Down with the Commons, restore the House of Lords!



youdontknowme said...

I just think we need more democracy and not less. Parliament should have less power and normal citizens should bwe able to decide what happens in citizens initiatives. We also shouldn't have to wait 5 years for a change of government. We should have recall elections and citizens should be able to call for a vote of no confidence on the government.

youdontknowme said...

Sorry didn't read your post. I read the below post yesterday and forgot to comment and then read the bottom bit of this post and thought it was the same post. sorry. I will coppy the commen to the other post.

What can I say though? A centralised country will always be bad which is why the government should have less power than it does now.

Flanders Fields said...

Good Post, Free Man.

It is even more dire than you state because of the synergies between the capitalists and the left. The "capitalists" have learned to work with the "leftists". They fund and contribute the leftist causes and politicians and adopt practices in the workplaces which promote the relativism, multiculturalism and political correctness of the left.

They leave the engineering and structuring of society in the hands of social engineers who care nothing for nationalism, patriotism or traditional values. Those values are attacked and restricted as much as possible. Legions of associations and NGO's have been funded and staffed in our countries and internationally which promote leftist values (doctrine actually since the left has no values as such) over our own.

Our votes have become votes against the worst of the candidates whom they pick, instead of being for someone whom we would choose. Politicians speak, run and obtain political contributions as conservative (in the American sense), but vote liberal and left. Media, especially the news, is a servant of both in all respects. A circus is provided for the voters.

Capitalists obtain in return clearance to expand markets and import cheap labor and immigrants. They obtain protection of laws and regulations which restrict competition and which fund research and assistence to them using public funds.

You and I, the Free Men, native-born of our countries and patriots, have no representation. We, and those like us, are not participants in the global or regional meetings, unlike those of the other two groups who meet formally and socially to devise how to contain us and manage us while taking as much of our income and resources as possible. We have no say in our foreign policies nor whether decisions made in that area are for the benefit of our nations or for the benefit of the large capitalists and international corporations. We are led to believe that it is the former, but the effects indicate that it is the latter.

We, as the third group (not the third way), must organize and associate to have any chance for power as rightful former citizens of our nations under their constitutions and laws. The other groups are together and operate on the international as well as the national arenas.

A Free Man said...

Flanders Field!

Well said! I read something a while ago stating that when socialism was about nationalisation, high corporate taxes and national independence large corporations opposed socialism, not for any ideological reason but to protect their profit.

Like the floozies they are, now that socialism has chnged tactic, the corporations are in bed with and enforcing the left's desires, ie: positive descrimination, race hate laws, religious hate laws, gender equality programmes, anti smoking policies, anti-Chrisitian attitudes, pro-Europeanism, enforced left think(which helps give the corps excuses to exert more power over their employees) etc...

The interests of the left and large international corps are now the same. Large corps are now the enemies of decent people the world over. I suppose they always were, it is just that for a while they seemed to have the same interests as us.

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