Saturday, July 07, 2007

Men of the West!

Why are you in awe of the state? Why do you defer to it? Why do you trust it so?

The state is the very essence of wickedness, it is an organism which desires to grow, to become more powerful, more potent, wealthier and ever more omnipresent.

This same state extorts half your wage, actively campaigns against you, accusing you of racism, homophobia, sexism, bigotry and theft.

It takes your children from you to inculcate them in the sinister knowledgeless drivel that they want your children to parrot when questioned. This propaganda continues into university, places once famed for their knowledge and research, now they are supplicant to the almighty state.

In your work place there is the ever present threat of dismissal if you say the wrong thing or think the wrong thought, legislated by the state. Every action on the road is legislated against.

Everything you wish to pursue must be licenced, fishing, hunting, driving, marriage, flying, travelling(passport) etc...

The state wishes to know you, to control you and possess you!

The state is your enemy.

Men of the West, it is time to stand up against this growing tyranny.

It is time to destroy it.


truepeers said...

It's much better for free men to own their state than to swear off it, because some kind of state will always be there, if only the neighborhood war lord. If the doors of ownership are being closed all around you, fight back. It's time for conservative British bloggers to campaign to take back the Conservative Party from the thought police currently in charge. It might take 20 years of hard work, getting in the face of some of the most disgusting people; but it's either that or giving your country totally up to EUtocracy and creeping Jihad. The rest of the world needs you. Do it.

A Free Man said...

Everything has an end, I know a state or government of some sort will always be there, it is in our nature to feel the need to have one.

This present state is so huge, overbearing, tyranical and oppressive that I cant see how one can legally oppose it anymore!

I'm not a natural revolutionary, as revolutions tend to have terrible and unintended consequences. But I no longer can give this state any allegiance, it is my enemy. It actively goes against my interests on a daily basis, importing illegal immigrants, curtailing my liberties, watching me as I go about my business, banning me from doing what I want, taking more and more of my money, sponsering terrorists with that extorted money, etc...I could go on and on.

This government and most governments in the west are damaging our intersts, liberties and lives.

I did once beleive in working within to achieve change, but look at all those politicians! I'm sure many of them entered politics to make changes for the better, but end up as part of the monster they once wished to destroy.

Part of me despairs, another irrational part of me is still hopeful despite all the evidence that shold make me think differently.

I want this governemt gone, I want a government that will expell a great number of these 'diverse peoples' from our shores, the ones who we are told are British because the hold a British passport or were lucky enough to be born here. I want a government that pulls us out of Europe, that cuts taxes at least in half, that ends state provision of health, education and almost everything else. A government that bows its head to tradition, that respects the Christian culture of these Islands and the hereditary principle.

Not many people in these Islands want that, most are too stupid or lazy or ignorant to care about anything but their weekly benifits cheque or there daily dose of porn or celebrity inanity!

The reason things wont change soon, is that the people of these Islands have changed, urged on and led, by the socilaist, in to a moral void, the destruction of tradition, knowledge, wisdom and self restraint. The peoples of these Islands are being drowned in their iniquity.

They may have been strong armed by the socialists into giving in, they may have been mis-educated and been force fed the most vile propaganda, but they made the final decision about how they were going to live there lives.

Truth is, the government and socialists can only take so much of the blame for the dissolution of this nation and its society, the people are as guilty as the former, they may have resisted, but they gave in for an easy life.

People who don't fight for what is their's, don't deserve to keep it!

truepeers said...

free man,

you are of an age when it is easy and common to despair. I have come out of my youthful despair and now see there are so many reasons to hope, not forgetting that we have great mountains to climb. We really are opening now into a whole new historical era and are consequently suffering the Tony Blair-like control freaks within the order and era that is on its last legs.

The most basic reason for conservative hope is that our despair reflects the great monolith that the left-liberal state has become, a monolith that cannot grow much bigger. All things do indeed come to an end. And today, intellectually, the left has absolutely nothing to offer - which is why they pursue the hopelessly utopian European project well past the point where they are addressing a real need to facilitate trade, open markets, etc.

Everywhere we look, we see the left undermining serious thought and open debate because they can no longer participate in it and not reveal their glaring limits. They respond by becoming more totaltarian, yes, but that game cannot go on forever because the need for human self-knowledge is unerasable, since the need is founded in the human necessity of understanding his fellows in order to survive their potential violence. Human beings are always questioning and fighting, with whatever means they can, against oppressive structures. That's how we survive.

The European Union cannot continue in its ways and hope to remain very competitive for long in the present world. They have much wealth to run thorugh first, but in time reality will bite and freedom will be the only solution to the economic crisis.

I don't think young people need to go into politics as a job. Just remember that the COnservative party used to have millions of members in Britain because ordinary people had a big ownership stake in the party and the political system. For various reasons, the party leaders and backroom boys have taken the party over. I think the ordinary people need to take it back.

Lots of things look impossible until they aren't. Great movements always start with little events. That's the way history is. Change is unavoidable and those who have the will to lead it often achieve far more than they could have imagined when they were your age. Tony Blair, for example, surely could never have imagined in his youth the multiculti police state he has built. A desire for freedom runs deeper in your land than maybe you know. You should try to fight with any and all means, but only use violence as a last resort to defend your ancient constitution. That's what distinguishes us from the barbarians.

Dr Evil. said...

Dear Truepeers,

Surely the only way that a bureaucracy such as the British Government can come to an end is through violence. And this will happen when civil unrest grows enough, and the bureaucracy can no longer support itself. A good example from history would be the collapse of the Soviet Union - and how did this come to an end? - through violence, and it did not have to be that so little blood was shed at that time, just the Generals did not have the stomach for a massacre in Moscow.

Lets hope that the eventual coup of probably what will be a European superstate, will not be by extremists with a stronger, possibly religious ideology and a willingness to go to any lengths to take control. I would rather that someone of sound mind took control and disbanded such a ridiculous bureaucracy in favour of more freedom for the individual as mentioned by A Free Man.

Dr. Evil. said...

Dear Free Man,

What are you talking about - let's destroy it? - are you kidding? How you gonna destroy it - the number of people who will join you in this country is not enough. The people here are like lambs to the slaughter. Have you ever seen lambs go in to the slaughter house? They just walk in cos they're so stupid. Just like the average Brit.

The British people will, though, eventuallly learn the errors of their ways through suffering. It seems to me now that this is inevitable, and just also.

But the time is not right yet for them to learn and or for change to happen.