Friday, July 06, 2007

Blair is gone!

I will admit it, Gordon Brown, so far, is head and shoulders above Tony Blair and his badly acted expressions of concern for what ever it is that is the front page of that day!

In last weeks attempted attacks Brown held off calling dozens of press conferences, complete with crocodile tears, he held off promises of new 'tough' laws and he avoided turning parliament into a Gordon Brown 'fan club' as Tony Blair did the previous week with all that pathetic and unparliamentary applause given to that buffoon.

That's not to say I like Brown, it is just that in comparison to that prancing actor Blair, anyone can look good!

Thank God Blair is gone, it feels so good to be liberated from a decade of lies, spin, deceit, overweening self importance and self righteousness. It is a relief that I wont have endure another one of his many 'innovations' or destructive 'reforms' in his campaign to make this nation something it is not!

It is also a relief to have that harpie of a woman Cherie (what a stupid name) gone as well, hopefully the spouse of the PM will go back into the background where they belong, unlike the US we do not vote in a couple and do not have a 'First Lady' as some people infuriatingly entitled that meddlesome hack of a QC! The closest thing to a First Lady we have is the Queen, the de jure head of state in case anyone has forgotten over these past 10 years!

I really don't know what people saw in that man, but you voted him in 3 times on the trot, good for you, well I suppose that is 'democracy' in action.

And that creep Cameron giving that criminal and traitor a standing ovation? What the fucks wrong with him? The Tories stood and applauded someone who has degraded this nation, given away its independence, increased taxes like no other government in recent times, plundered private pensions, unleashed the third world upon us, with threats to lock up those who opposed it. Blair is a criminal and a traitor and I hope his treasonous and silly signing of the International Criminal Court back fires on him and he ends up in the Hague on war crimes charges, that would be funny and all to well deserved for a man of his dubious distinction.

Brown, although complicit in the crimes and treason of Blair, is for the moment a breath of fresh air, I have no doubt that I will despise him as well in the not to distant future, although I can't imagine hating him as much as I hate Blair, but until then I will enjoy this Blairless government!

It is also good to see Prescott, Margaret Becket, that daft tart Patricia Hewitt and John Reid gone as well, although now we have to endure that sleazy, amoral, career politician David Milliband as Foreign Secretary!

Ah well, it cant be all good I suppose!

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