Friday, October 12, 2007

The Swiss and the Poles, God love 'em

Both Switzerland and Poland are the new enemies of the left, they have committed the ultimate blasphemy of rejecting the self destructive ideologies of those that hate the white Christian West.

Switzerland has elected a 'right wing' party into government, a party opposed to immigration and multi-culturalism. A party explicitly pro-Swiss. Those lucky Swiss bastards!

The New York Times is horrified; "As part of its platform, the SVP party has begun a campaign seeking the 100,000 signatures necessary to force a referendum to let judges deport foreigners after they serve prison sentences for serious crimes. The measure also calls for the deportation of the entire family if the convicted criminal is a minor.

Human rights advocates warn that the initiative is reminiscent of the Nazi practice of Sippenhaft, or kin liability, under which relatives of criminals were held responsible and punished for their crimes. "

This policy sounds a quite sensible one, I and many I speak to would gladly support it, only those untouched by the feral packs of black men that roam the streets of this once great city, would think the above statement abhorrent.

The New York Times is also in shock at a few posters produced by the SVP (Swiss Peoples Party) one shows a black sheep with some white sheep and the words 'For Security'. the other I managed to find on the net (shown bellow), shows the hands of non-whites trying to grab Swiss passports, which if any of you know what Africans are like will recognise immediately as all too true.

The left, so used to us meekly giving in to threats and bullying are shocked by this insolence from us plebs, how dare we stand up for ourselves, how dare nasty white people do anything that may result in Africans getting deported or getting less benefits, shock horror!!

The Poles, well they are far too Christian to be true 'Europeans' in the Brussels sense of the word, which invariably means, atheist, cynical, effete, promiscuous, contemptuous of our past, our race and our culture.

On Wednesday 10 October 2007 was "European day against the death penalty." The EU wanted to inaugurate the event with a common European declaration against capital punishment. Poland thwarted this by refusing to sign the declaration because the EU did not condemn abortion and euthanasia as well. Last month, during an EU meeting on the death penalty, the Polish justice minister confronted his Danish colleague with Denmark's annual 15,000 abortions and the latter — a member of the Danish Conservative Party — got so angry that she left the room, slamming the door."

I must say, I admire the balls of the Poles, but instead of being ashamed of their double standards, what do the other states do, well Portugal and Belgium accuse Poland of being immoral! Just how did they manage to reason that one out?

"Richard Howitt, a British Labor politician and the vice president of the European Parliament's human rights subcommittee, said that Poland's refusal to reject the death penalty brings into question its commitment to European values."

Again, these values are as stated above, atheism, cynicism, promiscuity and contempt for who we are, seems to me a virtue to lack 'European values'.

"Last April, the European Parliament accused Poland of 'homophobia" because it does not want to include homosexuality in the school curriculum. Last May, the European Court of Human Rights found Poland guilty of violating human rights because it banned a "gay pride" parade in Warsaw. Last year, the European Commission threatened to deprive Warsaw of its voting rights in the European institutions if it remained in "serious breach of its obligations on human rights."

Banning a parade of degenerate perverts from performing sex acts on each other in public is banned, and this is bad? Do you see how inverted morality in this 'Europe' truly is? Not poisoning children's minds with gay porn is somehow wrong? Wrong for whom? Normal people, faggots, perverts, paedophiles?

What is wrong with these people? They seem intent on dismantling all normality, all common sense, all morality and rightness for what? There must be an aim these sodomites have in mind?

The final and complete destruction of the white Christian West seems to be their intent, why import millions of Muslims and Africans otherwise? Why encourage us to breed with 'ethnics' or not to breed at all? Why sponsor and celebrate sodomy as if it were a sacrament of modern socialism?

Those people in charge of this new Europe are evil, and that is not an exaggeration, they are committed to our destruction, to the genocide of the white peoples, to the extermination of Christendom. They have committed themselves to every depravity in the cause of weakening and demoralising the white man and they must be stopped. Democracy is a sham they use to control us, they feign difference between them at election time, one part poses as the right and the other as the left, when in fact both are as committed as each other, to the radical theories of the Jacobins and Bolsheviks.

The Jacobins destroyed France and raped the soul of that great nation, the Bolsheviks ripped out the heart of Holy Russia and stamped on it destroying it in the process, now their heirs unite to finish off Europe and the white race as a whole.

God help us


bernard said...

I'm with you all the way, Free Man.

As for that Pythonesque "you lucky swiss bastards"...TOO TRUE!

You write an erudite column, AFM.

A Free Man said...

Always nice to find someone agrees!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

The swiss seem to be the most sensible people in Europe. However the left wing there have been demonstrating in the capital also against this new law - why??? they're swiss!

It just goes to show that even switzerland has a bunch of idiots and I do believe it is getting worse in the large towns there.

The poles on the other hand may get more and more left wing like all conservative countries do - england was once a conservative country.


Leo Pusateri said...

Good to see you posting again, good sir!

And you're spot on in your analysis, as per usual!