Monday, July 14, 2008

Resumption of service!

Ah well, that took longer then I thought!

It's been an interesting few months, the economy is going into meltdown, our glorious leaders, those imbeciles, are thrashing around feigning that they actually know anything about economics, whilst fucking people up the arse with more taxes, more fines, and debasing the currency in a reckless stupid and shortsighted fashion.

Then Gordon Brown, goes back on Labour's manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the European Constitution, that lying spiv Brown and that shower of mediocre, treasonous shits that make up the cabinet make up some ridiculous non-sense that the Lisbon Treaty is different from the Constitution. What a crock of shit!

America seems likely to be electing Barrack Obama, some lefty half caste with an axe to grind, someone who's loyalty to the US seems at best, suspect, and whats worse, most of White America seems fine with it!!

Ron Paul was a non-event in the Republican primaries, proving that Americans seem as dedicated to their own destruction as are Europeans, what a sad state of affairs!

A storm is coming, it is the judgement awaiting us for our own craven surrender in the face of aggressive third worlders, for our selling of our birthrights, for our embrace of a destructive nihilism where there is no right, no standard, no morality and no loyalty!

This storm will be lit by the coming economic cataclysm, it will be stoked by the racial and sectarian divides that are the results of the massive and reckless immigration policies, and kept going by our complete detachment from reality!

It is, I believe, a storm we deserve and need!

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