Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I was made aware of this piece by a friend. Apparently during 'Gay Pride in London, some 'trans people', whatever that means, 'transsexual' or 'transvestite' it does not make completely clear, were offended by a toilet steward.

The story states that some big hairy men in frocks tried to enter the women's toilet at Trafalgar Square, only to be stopped by the sensible steward who rightly decided that a big hairy man in a frock did not a woman make! So he refused entry to the toilets and suggested that they could use the disabled toilets, obviously trying to be helpful, and not wanting to have women screaming at the sight of some big hairy man!

However, this was not enough for the big hairy men in frocks, they demanded to be allowed in, and they wanted and apology for the discrimination shown to them!!!

Well as you can imagine, the big hairy men in frocks got their way, supported by the police!

Tell me this is not a society in terminal decline! When men can pretend to be women and then accuse someone of discrimination when not allowed into a woman's toilet, then you must admit something is very wrong with us!

I can only despair!


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